5 Ways To Save On Your Electric Bill When The Temperature Soars

Does your electric bill soar during the summer months?


It isn't suprising the soaring electric bills plague Maryland families. We live in a state that goes from jeans and sweater weather to full-on summer in one day.  Now that summer temperatures have hit, we are all looking for ways to keep the house cooler without spending our summer vacation money on the electric bill.  Today, we want to share a few small changes you can make to avoid sweltering temperatures in your home. 


Close Your Curtains and Blinds

During the day your windows can cause your home to be 30% warmer.  Closing the blinds can make a 20 degree difference in your home. Thereby helping you to lower your electric bill.  


Add Ceiling Fans

Adding a ceiling fan may not actually lower the temperature but the breeze it creates in the house may make you comfortable enough to allow you to turn the temperature up on your thermostat by as much as 4 degrees.  These 4 degrees can go a long way towards helping you save money on your electric bill.


Add Attic Fan

Adding an attic fan can lower the temperatures on the top floor by up to 4 degrees and the temperature in the attic by as much as 50 degrees.  


Use The Fans You Have

Unfortunately, even during the summer we still have to live a normal life and many of these everyday life activities raise the temperatures in the house.  Whether you are cooking dinner or taking a shower, use your exhaust fans.  These fans will help pull the hot air out of the house and keep it from causing inside temperatures from soaring even higher.


Open The Windows At Night

For at least a few more weeks we will still have cooler temperatures at night.  Take advantage of this by opening your windows when the temperatures dip in the evening and closing them again in the morning before the temperatures rise.


Turn Off The Lights

One light bulb may not be a problem but if you have every light in your house on they may combine to cause the temperature.  If you are not using the lights or can do without them, turn them off.


Get more energy savings tips from the Department of Energy.





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