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Maryland homeowners are expanding their living space by moving outdoors.  Whether they are extending their deck, creating a firepit area or simply beautifying their landscape with lighting or a water features, they are creating a demand for more outdoor outlets.  The good news is that this need for more electricity doesn’t have to mean unsightly extension cords criss crossing the yard.  There are more options for outdoor outlets than there have ever been.


As always at Haas and Sons, our first concern is for our customers’ safety.  One of the first things we will check is your circuit panel’s capacity.  Is it capable of handling more?  If it isn’t then adding more outlets may cause the circuit to overload and become more trouble than it is worth.  We will be able to tell you this after a short inspection of your property.
The second safety concern is one you have already thought of, rain, wind and snow.  The outlets we install meet all of the standards for safety.  They are water and storm proof.  However, we do advise you to pay attention to the items you are plugging in outside.  Taller lamps and hanging lights should be monitored or taken down during a storm.  And of course you should always check to make sure the outlet cover is completely in place, protecting it from the storm.


Many older homes were built before GCFI outlets became standard.  If your outdoor outlets don’t have this safety feature we highly recommend you upgrade them.  New GCFU outdoor outlets will also have watertight covers which very few older homes have.  These small precautions can help reduce the risk of electrical shock for you and your family.


If you are in a newer home you probably have outlets every few feet inside your home.  Outside, you are lucky if you have one out front and one in the back.  But where do you really need them?  What would be most convenient for you? We suggest you start making notes about your outdoor activties.  Are you turning your music up full blast so you can hear it when you are on the back of your lot?  Would it be easier to have a plug you could use when you are working back there? Is there a shed you dread entering because there is never enough light?  Would a light in your firepit area help at the end of the evening when you are trying to clean up? Would an outdoor refridgerator make a nice addition to your grilling area?
Haas and Sons Electric can help with these projects and more. Call us today to so we can help you plan an outdoor living space that works for you.
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