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Bathroom Fan Replacement & Installation

Being your local bathroom vent replacement experts, we offer bathroom fan replacement to replace those old noisy fans with new, quiet, high-efficiency ones. Bathroom fan replacement can help you save on your next bill by maximizing energy use! Need to add a vent to your bathroom? We also offer expert bathroom fan installation, as well as installation for everything from bathroom exhaust fans with heaters and lights to the ductwork, so all steam is vented outside and away from your home.

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"Alex did a great job explaining repairs and the costs for replacing an attic fan and venting my bathroom fans. He worked quickly and efficiently to get it all done in one day. Happy to have the work completed and feel confident he did a great job!"

- Leslie Macdonald (Crofton, MD - 2020)

"We just had Larry from Haas & Sons come out to our home to install two bathroom exhaust fans and run electric up to the ceilings of our 3 bedrooms so we can install ceiling fans in the future. He made sure the bathroom exhaust vents were properly exhausting outside the house (luckily the ducts were venting to the outside were so no extra work needed there). Larry was professional efficient, considerate of our house, and was able to get the job done to the level I was expecting. I would 100% use Haas & Sons again for any electrical work I need."

- Lindsay Heffner (Pasadena, MD - 2022)

"The technician was knowledgeable, he explained everything to us. After many years without a fan in the bathroom, we are thrilled, it's quiet, looks good, works well."

- Phil Fortin (Pasadena, MD - 2022)

Expert Bathroom Fan Replacement & Installation

What to Know About Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation in Pasadena, MD

Bathroom exhaust fans come in all shapes and sizes in order to accommodate small or large bathrooms, so you are able to choose from a variety of options for your bathroom vent installation. While exhaust fans typically range from 50 CFM to 150 CFM or larger for huge bathrooms, most typical houses need 50-80 CFM for a half bath and 80 to 150 CFM for a full bath.  If you're modifying an older home, building a new bathroom, or building a new home - a qualified electrician can help you make the right choice for your situation!

When it comes to bathroom fan replacement & installation, the list of options is rather extensive, as you can choose from a diverse list of customizable additions such as:

  • Bath fan lights and heaters.
  • Bluetooth exhaust fans that sync with your phone, so you can add a soundtrack to your relaxing bath.
  • Motion-sensing exhaust fans are great for guests and powder rooms.
  • Humidity sensing exhaust fans are amazing for any bathroom where steam is an issue.
  • Control your fan your way with a switch, timer, motion sensor or humidity level detection.

What is the best exhaust fan for a bathroom?

The best exhaust fan for a bathroom is a Panasonic multi-speed fan (50-80-110 cfmCFM) with a DC motor with or without a light. The fans with the installation bracket make for the cleanest installation and least complications which will look great in your home by minimizing any patching/ painting. Aside from Panasonic, the Delta Breez exhaust fans have really impressed us with their construction, quietness, and efficiency! These are our middle of the line fans we recommend to clients that want great quality and performance for the money. The NuTone/ Broan line has been around for ages and makes some decent fans. Even though they have some expensive fans on their lineup we still consider them as the lower-tiered manufacturer. Their brackets and housings feel thinner. Their ingenuity tends to trail behind the others.

Do bathroom exhaust fans need to be vented outside?

Yes, the bathroom exhaust fan code says it must be vented to the outside. We do not want to vent into the attic, crawl space or worse in between the floor joists because the moisture build-up may cause mold, mildew or rot Venting for bathroom exhaust fans needs to be as short as possible with the least amount of bends possible and exit either through the side or roof of the home. Long runs of ducting can collect the moisture which can drip back inside the home, causing water damage. Poorly vented exhaust fans can still cause plenty of problems in your home. We find this mostly when replacing old fans that were not vented properly and have an abundance of mold growing on the wood or insulation around the fan causing poor indoor air quality and allergy issues. Powder rooms that have a toilet and sink are required to have a way to move air, either by opening a window or turning on an exhaust fan.

How much does it cost to install a new bathroom exhaust fan?

To install a new bathroom exhaust fan expect to pay $250 to $500 for the installation plus the fan and venting. The fans range from $20 to over $200 and for the venting to be done right normally runs right out at $300. On average a full installation will set you back around $800. Replacing an exhaust fan will be much less assuming the venting is fine. To replace an exhaust fan expect to pay $175 to $300 for the installation plus the fan. Heater exhaust fans typically cost more because they typically require additional wiring from the electrical panel to the bathroom. They are required to be on their own circuit.

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