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Haas and Sons is proud to be your trusted Marriottsville neighborhood electrician. Our team of skilled and experienced electricians is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient solutions for all your electrical needs. Whether you’re looking for a panel upgrade, new outlets, wiring upgrades, or electrical services for a construction project, we have the expertise to take care of your Marriottsville electrical work. With our commitment to safety, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, we are proud to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

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Common Types of Electrical Services Near Marriottsville, MD

Our Electrical services encompass a wide array of offerings to cater to the diverse needs of our local clients. We are here to help you with all of your electrical needs, including:

Circuit Panel Upgrades in Marriottsville

Electrician In Marriottsville 1Circuit breaker panels serve as the nerve center of a home’s electrical distribution system. The process of enhancing or upgrading the circuit panel entails swapping out an outdated, insufficient, or faulty panel with a new and capable one, ready to manage the electrical needs of the household. This upgrade ensures the safety of a home’s electrical setup by averting overloads and short circuits, all the while granting convenient access to power shutdown in emergency situations.

Residential Electrical Installations – Existing Homes

Sometimes, older homes need a bit of an electrical makeover. As time goes by, wiring can get outdated, worn out, or is no longer up to current codes. Whether you’re looking to add additional services or upgrade your home’s existing electrical services, Haas & Sons can help. We are here to refresh, update, upgrade, and bring your home’s electrical up to the latest safety and design standards. Additionally, if you’re thinking about updating your home with a renovation or expansion, we can help create the perfect plan to integrate your existing electrical with your addition or home upgrades.

New Construction Electrical Installations in Marriottsville, Maryland

In the construction of a new home, the installation of electrical systems stands as a pivotal stage, critical for guaranteeing both the safety and operational effectiveness and efficiency of the home. This phase encompasses the comprehensive design and planning of the home’s entire electrical network, starting from scratch. This includes planning of wiring, outlet and switch placement, strategic positioning of lighting for both functionality and aesthetics and any other electrical elements for the home. The ultimate objective is to craft a dependable, safe, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing electrical plan precisely tailored to the new homeowners’ preferences.

Marriottsville Electrical Repair

Dealing with electrical problems can be both exasperating and potentially hazardous. Our electricians possess the expertise to effectively diagnose and resolve a wide range of electrical issues, whether it’s dealing with power outages, lights that flicker, or even circuit overloads. We leverage specialized tools and know-how to pinpoint the underlying sources of electrical problems and deliver efficient and secure repairs. Consistent electrical maintenance and timely fixes serve as a proactive measure to prevent accidents and guarantee the smooth operation of your home’s electrical system.

Lighting & Fixture Installation and Repair

Lighting fixtures need to offer both form and function, playing a vital role in shaping the atmosphere, utility, and visual appeal of a residence. Our skilled electricians possess the expertise to set up a diverse range of lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, pendant lights, and recessed lights, among others. Additionally, we are adept at troubleshooting and renewing any existing fixtures that may be experiencing issues or need repair. When lighting is expertly installed and well-maintained, it has the power to elevate both the indoor and outdoor spaces of a home.

Outlet and Switch Installation and Repair near Marriottsville

As technology needs increase for families, the need for access to outlets in existing homes increases as well. The addition of electrical outlets and switches is a frequently requested electrical service in both new and existing homes near Marriottsville. Our skilled electricians are ready to introduce additional outlets and switches, adapting to evolving household requirements, whether it’s for adding more convenient charging spots or reconfiguring room layouts. Furthermore, we can swap out outdated or faulty outlets and switches, prioritizing your home’s safety and dependability.

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Energy Efficiency Home Upgrades Near Marriottsville, MD

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular across the country, many homeowners opt to install EV chargers in their homes to save time and money. Haas and Sons can set up Level 2 electric car chargers, which provide faster charging speeds than standard wall outlets. This service involves:

LED Lighting Installation and Retrofitting

Energy-efficient lighting plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable living and responsible energy usage. Our Marriottsville, MD, electricians offer installation services for LED (Light Emitting Diode) and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) fixtures, which consume far less electricity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. These lighting choices not only decrease energy usage but also have a prolonged lifespan, minimizing the need for frequent bulb replacements.

Retrofitting LED lighting entails the enhancement of current lighting systems by transitioning to LED technology. This transformation can result in significant energy conservation, given that LEDs are renowned for their high energy efficiency and minimal heat emission. Our electricians will evaluate the present lighting configuration, substituting outdated and less energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures with their LED counterparts, providing long-term benefits in terms of both energy conservation and cost reduction.

Outdoor Wiring Services Near Marriottsville, MD

Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting serves a dual purpose by enhancing property aesthetics and boosting safety and security. Skilled electricians possess the expertise to devise and set up various outdoor lighting solutions, such as:

These outdoor lighting alternatives not only enhance a property’s curb appeal but also expand its functionality, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor spaces even after nightfall.

Marriottsville Electricians Near You

Electrical services for homes encompass a wide range of tasks, from inspections and new installations to maintenance and repairs. Professional electrical services are essential for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and functionality of a home’s electrical infrastructure, whether it’s a new construction project or an existing residence. Hiring a qualified Marriottsville residential electrician is crucial to ensure that your home’s electrical work is done professionally and in compliance with local building codes and the highest safety standards.

Call us now at: (443) 396-2555 and see why your neighbors rely on us to provide top-notch local electrical services at a fair price in and around Marriottsville, MD below.

Recent Jobs and Reviews in Marriottsville, MD

Job Locations and Reviews

Alex W.
Alex W. Checked in
I removed and replaced a broken receptacle in the master bedroom
Marriottsville, MD 21104 Checked in
Replacement of 60 amp disconnect non-fusible on A/c unit closest to the street due to wires having signs of over heating/melting.
Marriottsville, MD 21104
Nicholas T.
Nicholas T. Checked in
Provide an estimate to install a new dedicated 20 amp circuit in the basement workspace and install arc fault and ground fault protection on the new circuit as required by the national electric code.
Marriottsville, MD 21104
Alex W.
Alex W. Checked in
I re wired and replaced a receptacle in the master bedroom that was installed incorrectly I installed a ultra whole home surge protector to protect homes electronics and homes utilities for potential power surges I jumped out of a 3 gang switch box in the basement and ran a 14-2 romex wire through the basement joists. Then i cut in a old work box on the 2nd floor enclosed addition and drilled a hole into the basement and fished my wires through and installed a weather resistant tamper resistant gfci with a in use bubble cover then tied the wires in to the 3 gang switch box
Marriottsville, MD 21104
Alex W.
Alex W. Checked in
Remove existing ceiling fan in master bedroom and install owner supplied fan and its place. Just a remove and replace while doing the whole home assessment I seen that there’s already been a surge protector installed previously by our company.
Marriottsville, MD 21104

Local Reviews for Marriottsville, MD

Very responsive and good communication throughout the process. Integrated work with a local roofing company who was doing another project and made it super easy to coordinate and get multiple projects done at the same time. Also very pleased with the attention to detail and quality of the finished product. Will use again when I am ready for more electrical work.

– Robert Franklin, Google Review

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