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Power Loss
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I Lost Power In Part Of My House!

Power can go out in one room. one wall of a single room, a few rooms, half the house, or the entire home for various reasons. Most commonly, the circuit breaker has been overloaded and tripped off. The circuit breakers are typically found in the breaker panel box that is often located in the garage, basement, or utility room. The second most common reason is there is a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) that has tripped off. It can be trickier to locate where the builder put this, as there is not a central location required by code. GFCIs can often be found in the kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, garage, and basements.

Table of Contents: Partial Power Outage, Dead Outlets, Why is Power Loss Dangerous?, How Do I Get My Outlets Working Again.

Are Outlets With Power Loss Dangerous?

Yes, they can be. If nothing tripped off and there is still an issue that is causing arcing or overheating, it could be dangerous.  Wires could have been damaged or connected incorrectly after a repair, or rodents could have chewed wires in the walls or under your home.

Though, if a breaker or GFCI tripped off then we can be sure the power has been turned off and won’t cause any further issues or damage.

Once you notice a power loss in one or more rooms of your Maryland home, it is always recommended to walk around each room and use your hand to feel every outlet and switch for overheating. It is common for a connection to become loose and overheat in outlets or switches. If you do feel an outlet that is HOT to the touch, turn the breaker off for that room and call a local electrician near you (that’s us!) immediately at 443-296-2555 so we can get it repaired before it becomes a bigger issue. If you find one that is actively smoking, you may want to turn the power off and call the fire department if it doesn’t stop in 30 seconds.

Is It Dangerous When Power Los Occurs in Half or Part of Your Home?

In some cases, a wiring connection has gone bad by coming loose, corroding, getting wet, or being damaged. This can cause arcing or overheating, which then can lead to a fire. Luckily, in most instances, your home’s electrical system will turn the power off when there’s an issue and the new Arc Fault Circuit breakers are specifically designed to sense bad arching and turn the power off.

How Do I Get Power Back in Non-Working Outlets Again?

Haas And Sons Panel

You’ll have to locate your breaker box and GFCI locations to see if any of them tripped off.

Resetting circuit breakers isn’t a hard task and nearly all homeowners can do this on their own. To reset a circuit breaker, you first need to push the breaker lever all the way to the off position until you feel or hear it click. After it’s pushed in the off position which is always away from the center, you then push the breaker lever towards the center of the panel, and you will hear/ feel it click.

Resetting a GFCI is a matter of pressing the Reset button that’s typically in the middle of the GFCI outlet. A GFCI has two buttons on the front of it- a Test and a Reset. Pressing the Test button will cause it to trip off and you’ll need to press the reset button to restore power.

If you have a GFCI breaker, then you push the lever to the off position (away from the center of the panel) and it will click. Then push back to the on position (center of the panel).

What happens if the power doesn’t come back on after I reset the GFCI? Typically, that indicates there is something wrong with the electrical system, and it’s time to call us at 443-396-2555 to have one of our certified electricians come out. We will have to do diagnostics on the home’s electrical system to determine if there is a faulty component or possibly a wire short. We come out in well-stocked trucks, so we are sure to be able to repair anything we find.

Partial Power Loss in House, What Should I Do?

If the power has gone off in part of your house, half the house, or even just lost power in one room, the first thing you should do is check for tripped breakers and GFCIs.  If everything seems fine, a partial power loss in your home could be caused by several culprits, some simple, others more complex. Here’s a breakdown of potential causes:

  • Overloaded Circuit: Even if no breakers have tripped, a single circuit might be overloaded if too many appliances are drawing power simultaneously. This can cause flickering lights or power dips in specific areas. Unplug unnecessary devices and redistribute the load across circuits.  If you need to be able to plug more things in, having an electrician in to balance the load on your circuits may be your next step.
  • Faulty Wiring: Damaged or loose wiring within your walls can disrupt power flow. This could be due to aging insulation, rodent damage, or improper installation. Faulty wiring poses a fire hazard, call one of our qualified electricians right away.
  • Loose Connections: Similar to faulty wiring, loose connections at outlets, switches, or within the breaker box itself can disrupt power delivery. Our qualified electrician scan tighten these connections and inspect your fixtures and outlets safely.
  • Malfunctioning Breaker: Though less common, a breaker itself can malfunction and not trip despite an overload. A flickering breaker switch or warm breaker panel can indicate this issue. Again, consulting with one of our licensed professionals is recommended.
  • External Power Issues: While you checked with the power company, there’s a slight chance of localized issues with the transformer supplying your house or underground wiring problems. The power company might need to send a technician to investigate further.  Settling of structures, landscaping or other elements of your yard could have compromised the main power line supplying your meter. The power company is best able to diagnose these issues.

Remember, electrical troubleshooting should prioritize safety. If you’ve checked the breakers and GFCIs, and the issue persists, it’s best to call a licensed electrician to diagnose the exact cause and ensure a safe and proper fix.


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