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Whether a one-time thing, or an ongoing issue, power loss in your home could signal it’s time to upgrade the system or pinpoint a particular trouble area. We can inspect your home to find and fix the issue.


Over time, power surges can be harmful to your appliances, computers, etc., and is certainly disruptive to your home. We take special care to address these and all problem areas in your home.


Dimmers, timers, landscape lighting – each have specific installation and operating requirements. We can help address each to ensure their stability and make certain that switch works correctly.


The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a regionally adoptable industry standard for the safe installation of electrical equipment and wiring. While the NEC is not a federal law, it's adopted by many municipalities and states in an effort to standardize safe electrical practices, such as Maryland. Making sure your home is in compliance and safe for your family is especially important in older homes, so we recommend a careful inspection that can uncover risks that may be the root cause for any of the issue mentioned above. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or not, having a compliant electrical system means you have a safe electrical system.

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The safety of your home and family are at the center of all that we do. Don’t let an electrical problem become a bigger problem. Call us today for all electrical repairs or electrical installations in your home!



What do electricians fix?

Electricians fix the ability for electricity to travel to their destinations and power devices. I often compare electrical wiring to Christmas Lights. These lights are wired in a series and when one bulb blows out, the rest of the lights go out. This is the same in a home or business. Most electrical wiring is wired in a series and if one connection has a bad connection, the rest of the circuit will lose power.

How does home electrical work?

Electricity in your home works like a humans brain and nervous system. The  circuit breaker box is the brain of the home and breakers are like the nerves.  The breakers trip when too much power is being used or there is a short circuit. This is like if you dropped something on your foot, your brain would tell you it hurts. The new Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI breakers) are specialized breakers. These constantly monitor the electrical system and trip the power off if there is abnormal arcing. This would happen if you had a loose wiring connection  and something was trying to power on, like a space heater. These special AFCI breakers are to help safeguard against house fires.

Can you splice an extension cord?

Yes and no. When you “repair” an extension cord you have just voided the Underwriter Lab Listing (UL). As a licensed contractor we are not allowed to use these any longer and is an OSHA violation. Physically speaking, they would work just fine if you cut the damaged end off and replaced the cord cap.

How much does it cost to fix electrical problems in a house?

Repair costs would be determined by what the issue was. Having a partial power loss in the home typically would be a $200-$300 repair. That would include something like diagnosing the issue, replacing receptacles/ switches/ GFCI/ circuit breaker.  But sometimes we get abnormal calls, such as fire damage, rodent damage or house was hit by lighting. These often require special testing of the wiring as well as replacing the affected wiring. That can easily be in the thousands.

Are electricians in demand?

Electricians are in very high demand currently. All the older Master Electricians and Journeymen Electricians are retiring and there aren’t enough new Electricians to replace them. Halfway decent electricians are demanding premium wages also, which in turns drives up the cost to do business. Journeymen are often making around $60k a year while Master Electricians are getting upwards of $100k.  The blue collar market is severely hurting for new recruits and they don’t even know how affordable it is. Nearly every Electrical Contractor is willing to pay for a students tuition, which is way cheaper and going to a college.

How much does it cost to rewire a 1200 square foot house?

That would really depend on the bells and whistles. An average price of $8000-$12,000 for a full rewire would e typical. Things like recessed lighting and home automation would scale that price up.

What do electricians do on a daily basis?

There are different fields for electricians. Most commonly you have:  Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Linemen and Maintenance. Each sector will be doing similar but different tasks. Residential you could be wiring a new house or replacing a ceiling fan in someone’s bedroom. Commercial work lends towards wiring buildings or servicing existing ones. Industrial works with heavy and specialized equipment. These could be a printing press, a factory or hospital. Linemen work on maintaining and installing the power cables that you see on telephone poles or are underground. Maintenance electricians typically work on site or building doing preventive maintenance to minimize downtime of operations or they could work for a branch of government keeping facilities up and running.

Is it difficult to become an electrician?

Nope. To start off being a helper you need a pulse, show up on time, ability to lift up to 80 lbs and to take orders. Once you start school, you become an apprentice and are given more responsibilities. You are able to install wiring with minimal supervision. After 4 years you may advance to a Journeymen, once you have passed a Journeymen Exam. Journeymen are allowed to supervise helpers and apprentices and often run the job site. Once you have 7 years in the trade you can take your Master Electricians Exam. A Master Electrician is the most prestigious title to have in our trade. A Master Electrician is capable of starting their own company, rent their license out for passive income, running entire departments, ability to qualify for nearly any job at any company.


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Are you remodeling your home and need an electrician you can trust? Does your circuit breaker need repair? Are your lights flickering or outlets sparking? Is your smoke detector chirping or going off in the middle of the night? Schedule your appointment today.

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Free Home Safety Inspection!

Safety first! Receive a free safety home inspection with any regular scheduled call. We will check your GFCI outlets, make sure your smoke detectors are up to date and inspect the main panel for wiring and code errors.