Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs in Pasadena, MD

Homeowners throughout the world consistently rely on electricity to power everyday technological devices. However, the dependability of these technologies shouldn’t be compromised by a faulty electrical system. Contact the professionals at Haas and Sons today for reliable home electrical repair and maintenance!

How Do I Know It’s Time for an Electrical Repair?

There are multiple signs that indicate you’re overdue for an electrical repair. Some of these signs are more obvious than others, however; if you notice any of the following happening in your home, you should contact our professionals for an electrical repair estimate.

  • Electricity Loss
  • Power Surges
  • Loose Outlets 
  • Blown Fuses
  • Flickering Lights

Leaving any of the following problems untouched can lead to a variety of issues in your home. While some of these electrical mishaps aren’t the end of the world, others can put you and your family at risk of electrical fires, accidental shocks, and more.

How much does electrical repair service cost near Pasadena MD?

A basic wiring and electrical repairs will run from $200 for a basic repair to over $800 for more complex issues and installations. Each company may have a different way of charging to come out. Some may have a 1 or 2-hour minimum, some may have a call out charge plus an hourly rate, then charging inflated material costs while others like us have a service charge and a flat rate aka fixed price repair cost. We prefer this method as it is never based on the electrician’s speed or efficiency and provides constant pricing for you. You will know the exact cost prior to doing the work with no surprises at the end.

How much do electricians charge to replace an outlet?

There are a few factors to consider for an electrician to come to your home and replace an outlet. Typical costs range from $185-$300. Things that can change the pricing are things like is there aluminum wiring, is the wiring burnt and needs repairing, is the wiring very old and will take special precautions, do you need to upgrade to a GFCI or AFCI or combo receptacle? These sorts of things should be determined in order to provide accurate pricing for the repair/ replacement.

How much does an electrician cost to fix a breaker?

Basic breaker replacements including the service charge on average cost $200 to $350. Some commercial-style breakers can cost over $1000 alone, then add in the service charges. Brand of breaker and type will affect the pricing. Some electrical panel manufacturers are no longer in business in which re-manufactured versions need to be special ordered and will cost more. If you need to have a GFCI, AFCI or Combo breaker installed, this will lend to being on the higher end of cost.

Electrical Repair Solutions From Haas and Sons

Having been in the business for some time now, our professionals are well equipped to provide high-quality electrical repair services to any client in Pasadena, Maryland. 

One of our many solutions towards repairing your home's electrical system is installing modern light switches. Modernized light switches provide homeowners with numerous benefits that outdated light switches and timers cannot compete with. Most of these benefits arise from the fact that modern switches simplify the technical process for circuits and machines, which means that they increase efficiency and productivity. 

Other electrical repair solutions that we offer include:

  • Green Energy Solutions
  • Inspection Corrections
  • Circuit Panel Remodels 
  • Safety Inspections

Complying to Industry Standards

Haas and Sons makes sure that with each electrical repair, we follow The National Electrical Code (NEC) standards. This means that with each repair and installation, we abide by precise codes of conduct to ensure that our equipment and wiring is safe from risk and in compliance with ethical standards.

Taking the Best Care of Our Customers

Upfront Pricing Always

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Excellent work! Larry was super communicative, Listened to my concerns, completed the work neatly and efficiently on the same day. I will definitely use Haas and Sons again and am thrilled to have a good electrician to call when we need one! Emily Columbia
Excellent & quick! Nick did an incredible job installing a SimpliSafe doorbell & GFCI outlet. Couldn’t have asked for better service. Highly recommend this company to all! L Crofton
Great customer service, very knowledgeable, professional Alex was very professional, extremely knowledgeable on issues and new required codes. He provided excellent customer service quickly and efficiently. He explained specifics, before and after job completion. Danielle Pasadena
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