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New Electrical Contractor In Maryland

Well, here I am. 12 years I have been working as an electrician in Maryland. I have held a Master License for the past 3 years and have finally taken the leap of faith. I have worked for 3 electric companies, doing a large variety of electrical work. I spent my first 4 years mainly rewiring condos and had some of my most memorable experiences when I was working government sites. I remember getting the tour of Carderock, being escorted by armed guards at NCIS and the naval yard. Later I joined a small local company where I learned my love of the service trade. They sent me to fix anything. I would be working in someones garage in the morning, a mansion in Annapolis by afternoon and  at the end the day I was fixing issues at the local restaurant. Everyday was something new, something exciting, a reason to want to come to work. I learned the most about my trade during that 5 years. I was exposed to so many things, I absorbed all i could. After 9 years in the trade I acquired my electrical masters license. Seeking more money as I was now a master electrician, I went shopping for the highest bidder for my credentials. I found them, a very large corporate company that offered the sky as your limits. I made a lot more money here, doubled my previous income in fact. But what they don’t tell you is the commitment. Out the door and on the road 10-14hrs a day 5-6 days a week.  No longer did I know what a weekend was, as I had to catch up on everything I didn’t have time for during the work week.  Working for a company this big showed me there is a serious disconnect between those in the field vs office vs customers. 

So why now? Since i was a child I have wanted to own my own company. At that time I wanted a bicycle shop. Later in life, after a few years of learning the electrical trade i found my new passion. The last company I worked for taught me to slow down, take my time, do the best job I can do every time. As Mike Holmes says from Holmes on Homes ” If you did it 99% right, you did it 100% wrong”. I have come to love that motto. With that i strive to be more than a simple repair man. I want to be a true craftsman of the electrical trade. I know I can offer the same level of service as the big corporate guys and still be your neighborhood company.

That’s my niche- massive service on a local scale. 

As you read my posts I will do my best to provide factual information about the topics. I have visited many other Maryland electrical contractors blogs and found them lacking real content.  So with that, please ask me questions ! I will answer with everything I know. If I don’t know, then lets find out together.

I have started my journey for the future. Will you follow me?

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