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Well, here I am. 12 years I have been working as an electrician in Maryland. I have held a Master License for the past 3 years and have finally taken the leap of faith. I have worked for 3 electric companies, doing a large variety of electrical work. I spent my first 4 years mainly rewiring condos and had some of my most memorable experiences when I was working government sites. I remember getting the tour of Carderock, being escorted by armed guards at NCIS and the naval yard. Later I joined a small local company where I learned my love of the service trade. They sent me to fix anything. I would be working in someones garage in the morning, a mansion in Annapolis by afternoon and  at the end the day I was fixing issues at the local restaurant. Everyday was something new, something exciting, a reason to want to come to work. I learned the most about my trade during that 5 years. I was exposed to so many things, I absorbed all i could. After 9 years in the trade I acquired my electrical masters license. Seeking more money as I was now a master electrician, I went shopping for the highest bidder for my credentials. I found them, a very large corporate company that offered the sky as your limits. I made a lot more money here, doubled my previous income in fact. But what they don’t tell you is the commitment. Out the door and on the road 10-14hrs a day 5-6 days a week.  No longer did I know what a weekend was, as I had to catch up on everything I didn’t have time for during the work week.  Working for a company this big showed me there is a serious disconnect between those in the field vs office vs customers. 

So why now? Since i was a child I have wanted to own my own company. At that time I wanted a bicycle shop. Later in life, after a few years of learning the electrical trade i found my new passion. The last company I worked for taught me to slow down, take my time, do the best job I can do every time. As Mike Holmes says from Holmes on Homes ” If you did it 99% right, you did it 100% wrong”. I have come to love that motto. With that i strive to be more than a simple repair man. I want to be a true craftsman of the electrical trade. I know I can offer the same level of service as the big corporate guys and still be your neighborhood company.

That’s my niche- massive service on a local scale. 

As you read my posts I will do my best to provide factual information about the topics. I have visited many other Maryland electrical contractors blogs and found them lacking real content.  So with that, please ask me questions ! I will answer with everything I know. If I don’t know, then lets find out together.

I have started my journey for the future. Will you follow me?


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Switch problems Haas Brothers were efficient, professional and courteous. At the scheduled time they arrived, upon entry into my home put on booties and gloves. Reviewed what I needed done and did it in the quickest manner. We could haven’t had a better electrician to do our repair. Keith Pasadena
Great Service Haas was timely in their service and very respectful to deal with and of our property. Great service and exemplary work, especially at the height of a pandemic. Brian Edgewater
Good Job They scheduled for the next day and called me and fixed the issue. Price seemed a bit high for the work that had to be done, but they did the work and were professional about it. Buddy Williamson...Maryland Real Estate Pasadena