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Haas & Sons provides electrical services that includes electrical repair and installations for Annapolis MD residents and businesses—from lighting fixtures to ceiling fan installation to breaker box replacement and surge protection.

Call us now at: (443) 396-3797 and see why your neighbors rely on us to deliver local electrical services at great value for a fair price in Annapolis MD below.

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REAL Customer Service!!!

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

FANTASTIC! Mike was extremely nice and very professional. He went above and beyond to diagnose AND fix the problem in the same visit. He explained what he was going to do before he did it. He came up with a solution that not only expedited the repair but saved me money as well! Now that is REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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Great people and exceptional service

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

As always the entire Haas Team has exceeded my expectations. Very respectful to your home and your time. Highly recommended.

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Haas & Sons-I Can Only Give 5 Stars?!

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

They gave us a window of arrival between 8-11...and guess what, they were there within the first hour. Michael Wendler, our service specialist, was transparent, honest, efficient and understanding. Most people in need of an electrician are at the mercy of the electrician. This is one of those companies you don't have to worry, they not only do a wonderful job but make sure you understand the work and the cost before it happens. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Highly professional and customer oriented

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

The electrician performed exemplary service in far less time than I had expected. The job was done to my complete satisfaction.

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Fast fix!!

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

Love Haas and Sons! They are first call for any and all electrical problems.

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Great Job!

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

On time. Great job.

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Excellent service

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

Efficient, knowledgeable, professional, prompt.

Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Hooked up customer supplied attic antenna

Near Enclave Ct, Annapolis, MD 21403
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed new smoke/ carbon monoxide combo detectors in place of old units and replaced motion flood light over driveway.

Near Post Oak Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401
Annapolis, MD - Installed new smoke/ carbon monoxide combo detectors in place of old units and replaced motion flood light over driveway.
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Removed 2 ceiling fans in basement and installed customer supplied light fixture in place of one and customer supplied ceiling fan in place of the other.

Near Bristol Dr, Annapolis, MD 21401
Annapolis, MD - Removed 2 ceiling fans in basement and installed customer supplied light fixture in place of one and customer supplied ceiling fan in place of the other.
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Replaced old outlets that were all starting to crack and fail. We installed all new tamper resistant devices.

Near Coachway, Annapolis, MD 21401
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed outlet under sink in kitchen for water filtration system.

Near Epping Forest Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401
Michael W.

Michael W.


Near Winters Chase Way, Annapolis, MD 21401
Annapolis, MD - Gfci
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Upgrading 200 amp service to a 400 amp service and installing dedicated 50 amp circuit for a car charger.

Near Hillsmere Dr, Annapolis, MD 21403
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed new dedicated 20 amp circuit for a sauna in customers basement. Repaired power loss to living room outlet.

Near Blue Ridge Dr, Annapolis, MD 21409
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Planning out a 20 amp panel swap out. There is an existing 20 amp Pushmatic panel with no space. We will remove this old discontinued style/ brand panel and install a new 20 amp main breaker panel with all new matching breakers. We will check all grounding and install new 30 amp 240 volt circuit for dryer in the basement. We offer permits and county inspections with all work.

Near Swan Dr, Annapolis, MD 21409
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installing new smoke/ carbon monoxide detectors in home as well as GFCI devices.

Near Snow Goose Ln, Annapolis, MD 21409


Electrical Service – Dec 26th


Are you looking to remodel your basement, but don’t know where to start? Talk with one of our Annapolis electricians for ideas and guidance on how to transform the space. Whether you’re looking to turn it into a laundry room, guest bedroom, at-home theater, or some combination of the three, an electrician can help. For a laundry room we can make sure the space has the proper wiring to accommodate a washer and dryer. We can also add additional lighting to the area. A laundry room that is not well lit can make chores that much more unbearable. By adding just a few additional lights the room can become more inviting. For a guest bedroom we can add outlets for charging electronics or for bedside lamps. We can also install a ceiling fan for added comfort. One of the more exciting set ups is one for an at-home theater room. For this type of design there is plenty of work that our electricians are more than qualified to handle.

The most important part of any entertainment room is the tv. Our Annapolis electricians can set it up and make sure it’s wired correctly. In addition to a television, a sound system is a must. We’ll work with the shape and layout of the room and your design ideas to figure out the best spot for speakers, creating an immersive atmosphere that you are involved with to create. To fully bring the theater to your home perhaps you are looking to install a dimmer switch, so that you have more freedom to adjust the lighting, depending on what you’re currently using the space for or a remote system. After over 12 years of being in the business of installing all types of electrical systems, circuits and devices, we have been there for many different room remodels. Whatever you’re thinking of for your basement, chances are we’ve already successfully completed that type of installation. You can feel confident when you work with us that the job will be done properly. For the family looking to fully transform their basement, talk to one of our Annapolis electricians today. They can work with you to turn whatever you’re envisioning into a reality.

Electrician In Annapolis – Dec 19th


As anyone who has ever procrastinated before knows a small list of things to do can quickly add up and be more than you realized. If you’ve got some electrical updates and repairs that need to be done, then reach out to an Annapolis electrician today. Taking care of all of your home’s electrical needs at once will free up brain space, so that you can focus on other things and be a little safer. This applies to businesses as well. There’s already enough to keep track of without adding any electrical issues to the list. Problems can be taken care of swiftly when you work with one of our talented technicians to make your location more efficient and functional.

For homeowners, we are frequently requested to assist with room remodels. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, there’s always some electrical work that can be done during a renovation. We can rewire and add new lighting, update old fixtures, or add a few more outlets to make a room more technology friendly. For older homes, or ones with a surplus of electrical appliances, our Annapolis electricians can replace electrical panels, so that everything runs more efficiently. Our LED retrofitting service is helpful for store owners who are looking to make their business more energy efficient. For companies that use big appliances we can install circuits that allow the building to safely run all of your appliances without fear of overloading the system. Issues with electricity can be frustrating and difficult to solve. Don’t waste time trying to figure out a solution when we can easily give you a diagnosis and fix any problem quickly. Our services are available to everyone, whether you’re a home or business owner. From small repairs to major overhauls, call one of our Annapolis electricians today for help. You can schedule an appointment and go over what the next steps will be. 443.396.3797

Electrician In Annapolis – Dec 12th


What you intend to use a space for will determine the type of lighting appropriate for the room. Any Annapolis electrician will let you know that good lighting is much more than a simple install using only one type of fixture. For a room that houses many different activities, like a kitchen, there could be a few types of lighting used to help make the space more appropriate for all its functions. The lighting used for prepping and cooking will be different than the lighting used over the dining area. For a kitchen, the cabinets are a great place to start with when planning out your lighting scheme. For the chef in the family, having lighting under the cabinets is great for preparing meals. While lights placed above the cupboards add nice lighting to the overall space.

Once you’ve planned out the main lighting think about adding some ornamental fixtures. Sconces are a great way to add a decorative touch to the space without overpowering the room. Deciding on lighting in different stages ensures that each area of the room is taken care of and that proper lighting is provided for each function that takes place. So, when you come to talk with one of our Annapolis electricians think about what you want a space to be used for, what your goals are. By being able to answer these questions you can help an electrician better pick out the appropriate lighting for the space, which in the end means you’ll be more satisfied with the final outcome. Our job is all about pleasing you and making sure you’re happy with the end results. It can be hard to figure out the proper lighting for a room on your own, but with your input we can make the job easier. With a collaborative effort we can make sure the end result is something that’s both pleasing and practical. After over 12 years we have helped renovate many rooms in many different types of homes. We’re ready to update yours next. Talk with an Annapolis electrician today about what types of lighting are best for your room.

Electrician In Annapolis – Dec 5th


With so much reliance on electricity today it’s even more important that homes have regular checks to make sure that everything is running properly. This is why our Annapolis electricians offer free home inspections with any regular scheduled call. These electrical service home checks ensure that things are working correctly. It also gives our technicians the opportunity to spot any possible issues among your home’s system and address them quickly. An electrical problem left alone could become hazardous, annoying or decrease home value. While it’s always good to be proactive, you may be waiting for signals from your house to let you know that it’s time for an inspection. Outlets that don’t provide relaible current or an unexplainable loss in power could both be signs that something isn’t working properly. Our thorough home examinations include checking out your home’s circuit panel box. This can give us a big picture idea about everything that is going on in your house’s system. Then, our Annapolis electricians get down to the fine details by checking on GFCI outlets and smoke detectors. While they can be easy to forget about, we make sure that your home’s detectors are working and have batteries or connected directly. After assessing electrical servicse we can come to you with the report and let you know if there are complications that need to be dealt with. Sometimes the solution can be a simple as just fixing one switch, or it may mean we have to perform a panel upgrade. In the end you’ll be happy you had it dealt with for safety, code and increase your home value. These checks are especially important during the holiday season. With all the hustle and bustle sure to be going on around the home the last thing you need is for an electrical issue to slow you down. A well working electrical system is one that you don’t have to worry about. There’s already enough going on during the winter season, don’t let your house’s electrical system be something that makes you anxious. Schedule a home inspection with an Annapolis electrician today before the rush of the holidays.

Electrician In Annapolis – Nov 28th


Planning out your bedroom remodel is exciting, but depending on the level of the overhaul it can also be overwhelming. By contacting an Annapolis electrician you can have a skilled specialist ready to fulfill any requests you may have. Knowing you have a trusted technician on your side instantly lightens your load and makes your job easier. Updates we see a lot of couples making is having more outlets installed, ceiling fans, special lighting. Because we rely so heavily on electricity and things that run on power there’s always going to be a need for outlets. The side of the bed is a great spot for nightstands, which makes it just as great of a spot for outlets. Outlets placed here allow you to have bedside lamps on the right and left of the bed. Unlike a single overhead light, bedside lamps give each person the ability to adjust their lighting as necessary. Personal outlets are also perfect for nighttime phone charging.

Another great addition to have in bedrooms is a fan. Our Annapolis electricians know how humid Maryland summers can get, making fans essential for any home in the area. We can also work with you to decide which lighting options are the most appropriate for the bedroom and the design you had in mind, so that you can get the most room out of the space. For example, if your room has low ceilings, we may not recommend track lighting but recessed lighting. They can make a room feel smaller. If you still wanted to be able to incorporate another choice for lighting fixtures in your design we may recommend sconces as well. They still allow you to incorporate another element into the design, without making the ceiling seem any lower. If you have higher ceilings you may be interested in lights which come down into the room for the unique patterns they can cast onto the ceiling.  With so many choices available online and at stores we can narrow down the list and make your decision easier or bring our electrical industry experience to help you find something you really like. Whether you’re looking to have lights, outlets or fans installed, if it runs on electricity or involves wires our Annapolis electricians can help set it up.

Call for an appointment: 443.396.3797

Electrician In Annapolis – Nov 21st


Our Annapolis electricians find that an one area of the home that can always use some improvement is the front of the house or business, adding accent, landscape lighting, or a single light to the front porch. While it may seem like there aren’t too many design options for the front porch, there’s actually a lot that homeowners can do with the space. From wall lights, to hanging and post lights, there are a lot of directions you can go in when choosing a new light style. With so many varieties in each category it can be overwhelming, but we can help narrow down the choices, showing you which work best for your porch space.  Our electrical industry connections can bring you more choices and find the right fit for your style.  Perhaps a special circuit or outdoor outlet allows you to be more efficient around the yard, add curb appeal and increase home value?

Besides updating fixtures, you may want to consider having motion sensor lights installed as well. The benefits of these lights are twofold. Firstly, the lights help guide guests to the door without you having to turn anything on, or worry about turning anything off later. Secondly, our Annapolis electricians can tell you that movement sensing lights are also a nice security option. They’re definitely not a foolproof method of security, but they do offer some added comfort. When they are activated they provide you with a warning that you may need to be on guard for some unusual activity outside. While it’s not one of our most frequent requests, we can also replace doorbells. Even though most people text or call when they’re leaving or have arrived, a working doorbell is still nice to have for surprise visitors or for mail carriers to use when delivering packages. Something else you may want to look into is having lighting installed along front door steps. While they may be easy to use during the day, additional lighting can make it easier for guests to see where they’re stepping. The lighting on the front of your home helps to greet guests, so make sure that it’s creating a warm welcome for visitors. After twelve years we have worked on many homes, businesses and unique spaces and our Annapolis electricians can help make yours a memorable and inviting space, with personal service like no other. 443.396.3797

Electrician In Annapolis – Nov 14th


If you’re currently finishing your home’s basement, then chances are you’re going to, or already have, run into some work that can only be handled by an electrician. Lucky for you we have a team of skilled electricians in Annapolis that are ready to help. When it comes to renovating a basement there are many different directions you can go in. Before talking with us, think about what your goals are for the room, then we can work with you to figure out how to achieve them. Our electricians can be a valuable resource for your project.

If you have guest rooms we can add in fixtures or ceiling fans to make the room more comfortable. For movie rooms we can mount TVs and set up surround sound for an immersive experience. Some people design the basements to house their laundry rooms. For this, our Annapolis electricians can install lighting and properly wire your washer and dryer. We have been in the business for over twelve years, which means we have used our skills to remodel plenty of rooms, from the kitchen to the laundry area. Helping finish a basement is nothing new for us.  We’re ready with electrical circuit design, ceiling fans, recessed lights, special outlets, bar wiring, outlets and all your electrical services for basement remodeling in Annapolis.

We know remodeling can seem like an overwhelming task and it can be if you don’t have the proper knowledge for the project. Our years of experience not only make us qualified, but also means whatever you have in mind we can do correctly and efficiently. Following code and increasing your family’s safety for Fire and carbon monoxide detectors. With all the different ways you could use the space there are so many electrical things you’d have to know about to properly complete the job. If you tried to tackle this yourself you could spend ages trying to figure out how to do it and what the proper tools are. That’s why you should make the easier decision by calling one of our electricians in Annapolis to help you finish or remodel your basement.

Electricians Annapolis – Nov 7th

Our electricians in Annapolis are a part of the community. Living and working in Anne Arundel county means they are extremely familiar with the surrounding homes and how to best help the area. This applies especially to the historical homes of the neighborhood. By working with these olders houses, electricians have gained the skills necessary to properly fix them, skills that are only found in those who have dedicated over a decade of their time to servicing these homes.

While older homes may have the best character, they may be not be updated enough to make a proper living space for a family of the 21st century. Our Annapolis electricians have the qualifications to update your home’s electrical system and appliances, making it more livable without taking away its historic charm while increasing safety and up to electrical code. We can work with you to design a space that combines the wants of a modern family with your house’s antique aesthetic. Just because you have bought an older home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice contemporary conveniences. Some of the things you may possibly be considering for your home are heavy ups, new lighting fixtures, LED, electrical panel upgrades or fan installations. Whatever it is, we can help. Annapolis electricians are at the ready so you can achieve your home goals, all you have to do is take the first step by making an appointment today.  443.396.3797

Electricians Annapolis – Oct 24th


Over the last few years there has been an increase in people with electric vehicles and our Annapolis electricians have noticed, which is why we offer electric car charger installations. This install provides automobile owners with an easy way to power their vehicle without having to leave the home. Purchasing a car is a big investment. By properly equipping your home for your new automobile you can take care of your vehicle more easily and get the most out of your car. That is why we have electricians in Annapolis that are prepped and ready to install an electric automobile charger in your home, so you can get powered up and back on the road sooner.

Knowing that we are a resource to help turn your home into a more accessible place for your new vehicle can make it an easier choice when deciding to buy a green car. While you’re having work done in the area already, think about installing garage lighting as well, so you can turn the room into a home workspace. With the addition of a few electrical upgrades, your garage can be a new hub for activity. The added convenience of an at home automobile charger makes the decision to go green an easier one. Talk to one of our electricians in Annapolis today to schedule an appointment and plan out how to get the most out of your garage space.

Electricians Annapolis – Oct 10th


Nothing helps to ring in the holiday season more than a house decked out in seasonal decorations. Our Annapolis electricians can help make decorating easier by installing exterior home outlets. A lot of neighborhoods in the area have Christmas light contests, which provides motivation for many to go all out when decorating. By having additional outlets installed outside you can decorate more freely, creating the holiday landscape of your dreams. Teaming up with one of our skilled electricians in Annapolis allows you to figure out the best placement for new outlets, providing you with the ideal electrical access points for your space.

While you’re already thinking about holiday decorating, consider talking with an Annapolis electrician about an electrical panel upgrade. A heavy up will give your home the electrical boost it needs to keep running its best, even with the addition of holiday decorations. After servicing the Annapolis area for over a decade we know how to handle any electrical needs you may have. The holidays are a hectic time, don’t add more to your plate by attempting to handle any installs or upgrades yourself. Our team of professionals are on call to help, no matter what time of year it is. To better prepare yourself for the upcoming winter season, beat the holiday rush by calling an Annapolis electrician today.  443.396.3797

Electricians Annapolis – Sept 26th


Every year as the season changes to fall our electricians in Annapolis see an increase in appointments made to have home surge protectors installed. As rain and thunderstorms become more frequent in the region there is a greater chance of power surges occurring, which is why we take the necessary steps to safeguard homes against electrical outages. With decades of combined experience of being the go-to electricians in Annapolis, we have worked on many homes in the area, installing surge protectors that allow customers the ability to go about their normal routine without the fear of losing power during inclement weather. Our Annapolis electricians are familiar with the area and the many types of houses, from the newer developments to the historical buildings.

No matter what kind of community, we know how to properly service your home. If you’re looking for more ways to better protect your house and family, then, along with a surge protector, consider having  GFCI outlets installed. Dealing with electrical components and outlets can be a risky task, which is why it is best left to one of our trusted professionals. To avoid experiencing an influx of power and possibly losing the ability to use your appliances, schedule an appointment with one of our local Annapolis electricians to have a home surge protector installed this season.

Electricians Annapolis – Sept 12th

With the Annapolis Boat Show coming up Haas and Sons is staying busy in with lighting, outlets and lights in Annapolis, Maryland.  Homeowners are taking care of last minute updates to their historic homes.  Our certified Annapolis electrician has spent the past week putting in new kitchen lighting in several downtown Annapolis homes.

Kitchen lighting is a great way to update your kitchen without spending tens of thousands of dollars and countless months on a full upgrade.  Our electricians sit down with the homeowner and help create a lighting scheme that is not only beautiful but functional. Learning more about you and your kitchen habits will help our technicians decide the best lighting layout for your kitchen.

We suggest homeowners look at creating a layered affect with their kitchen lighting in Annapolis.  Using recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting and pendant lighting homeowners can create a more inviting atmosphere for their family and friends.

When sitting down with a homeowner, one of the first concerns we have for design purposes is for shadows.  Creating a lighting scheme that throws shadows onto your workspace would be counterproductive.  Our technician will use recessed lighting to create task lighting in the correct places in your kitchen.

For aesthetic purposes, our experienced electrician in Annapolis suggest using pendant lighting above your island.  Using creative or colorful pendant lighting can give your kitchen a more personal feel.

Finally, we suggest added under-cabinet lighting in Annapolis.  If you have a beautiful tile backdrop, under-cabinet lighting will help accent that.  But more importantly, under-cabinet lighting gives you a layered look, making your kitchen warmer and more inviting.

Deciding on a lighting scheme can be difficult.  That’s why our certified electricians are trained to help you in this process.  Creating new lighting schemes is something we have done hundreds of times.  Our experience will help make the process easier for you.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with an Annapolis Electrician near me, call today.  443.396.3797

Electricians Annapolis – Aug 28th

Who knew an electrician could be so busy with smoke detectors?  This week Haas and Sons’ certified electricians in Annapolis have been in a frenzy installing new smoke detectors in rental properties.


In 2016 there were 68 deaths in 56 fires in the state of Maryland.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency:
About half of the home fires in the US had a working fire alarm.  Three out of every five death from a home fire were in home that did not have a smoke detector.  In the homes that had a smoke detector that did not sound an alarm during a fire more than half of them had either dead batteries or the batteries had been disconnected.

As a means of lowering this number and preventing more deaths, the State of Maryland is implementing two new rules.  These rules take effect on January 1, 2018.

First, Maryland homeowners will be required to replace their battery-operated smoke detectors with ones that are hard-wired into the home.  Second, homeowners are required to add smoke detectors to each sleeping room in the house and one on each floor of the home.

While some older homes may not need to replace their smoke detectors right away, it is suggested that smoke detectors be replaced for efficacy every ten years.  When a homeowner replaces them, they should replace them to meet code.

While there are exceptions to who needs to replace their smoke detectors, according to the new code, “smoke alarm coverage in older home constructed prior to January 1, 1989, must be upgraded to at least one approved smoke detector on every level of an older home when one of the follow first occur?

  • The existing alarm is more than 10 years old.
  • The existing smoke alarm fails to respond or otherwise malfunctions.
  • There is a change of tenant.
  • A building permit is issued for an addition or renovation.
  • January 1, 2018 at the absolute latest.”

This is where Haas & Sons Electric comes in.  We can help you replace your battery-operated smoke detectors with hardwired smoke detectors and we can help you place them according to code.

While we are at you home please ask us about our two electrical inspections.  We offer a free general electrical inspection with any scheduled call, but we also suggest you look at having your older home inspected more fully with our whole house electrical inspection.  Wiring is not meant to last forever.  We can help you spot any problem areas you might have and help with all your electrical repairs in Annapolis Maryland.

Electricians Annapolis – Aug 15th


We receive a lot of calls in Annapolis looking for experienced electricians, Maryland to replace light switches.  Because so many of the homes in Annapolis are more than 30 years old, we find that many of the outlets and light switches need replacing.

How do you know whether you should replace your light switch? There are often signs.  Sometimes the light switch feels looser than normal.  Sometimes it almost feels as though it is stuck in place.  These may just be signs of wear but we suggest changing them before it becomes a bigger problem.

Often in Annapolis people call us because their switch plate is warm or even hot to the touch or because they notice a spark when they turn their lights on or off.  These are more serious indicators that a light switch needs to be replaced.

Wear and tear is expected in all homes but in older homes the wear may be more visible.  One problem we run into often is that even though the light switch was replaced recently, it was replaced incorrectly. Often the homeowner prior to our customer replaced the switches for aesthetic reasons when trying to sell the house.  Unfortunately, many of these homeowners did it without the help of a certified electrician in Annapolis and didn’t take the time to make sure the wires were tightened property.  Loose wires can be dangerous for your property and your family.

At Haas and Sons, we offer free electrical safety inspections with any regular scheduled call.  During these we may find loose wiring.  But for our customer who notice a lot of DIY mistakes in their home, we suggest our customers purchase our whole house electrical inspection.  A loose tile in the bathroom may be an annoyance but a loose wire could spell disaster.

Whether it is replacing a light switch or an electrical outlet, Haas and Sons can help you keep your family safe. Please call today to learn more about our free safety inspection from trusted electricians in Annapolis.

Electricians Annapolis – July 31st

Do you own a historic home in Annapolis, Maryland? Does it often feel like that old movie, The Money Pit? While historic homes have their charms they also come with their own headaches. As experienced electricians in Annapolis, Maryland we have see the gambit.

Are you considering buying a home and wondering what to look for? We believe that the electrical system of your home is one of the most important and overlooked systems. While a beautiful exterior and a gourmet kitchen are nice, a faulty electrical system could spell disaster. Before you buy, consider some of the problems you may face in a historic property.  Our Annapolis Electricians have decades of combined experience and we can help with trusted solutions.


Many of the homes in downtown Annapolis have never been renovated and if they have it was for aesthetic purposes. Rewiring a house is often overlooked in favor of that new kitchen, the updated curb appeal and a new dock. But it is important to know what you are looking at. Is the wiring too old? Is it faulty or dangerous? A trained Annapolis electrician can help you decide.


With the advent of YouTube, homeowners feel as though they can learn anything in a five-minute video. While this is sometimes true it can often spell disaster. Knowing what trouble signs to look for when replacing an outlet, installing a fan or changing a light switch is part of what you pay for in an electrician. One of the most common problems we find in an older home is not the old wiring but the slip-shod job of a DIY homeowner.


Many older homes in Annapolis have several circuit panels. We have met homeowners who are not even sure where they all are. This is just one of the causes of a dead or faulty outlet. But it is one that needs attention. Let the electricians at Haas and Sons help you make sense of the madness of the historic circuit panels.


Speaking of circuit panels, many older homes are asking too much of their current panels. Whether the panel has rust, water or signs of fire, chances are the panels is not capable of distributing the power your home needs. A licensed Annapolis electrician can help you decide what your electrical needs are and how to meet them.


Electricians Annapolis – July 19th

Haas and Sons has spent much of the last week installing bathroom exhaust fans. While many homeowners spend hours choosing vanities, showers and sinks for their bathrooms, few give a second thought to one of the most important fixtures in the bathroom, the exhaust fan.  As an experienced electricians in Annapolis with family values we’re ready to help.

Bathroom exhaust fans help remove the moisture and humidity from the bathroom. It is important to keep the moisture and humidity at appropriate levels to protect the wood and tile in the bathroom from mold, mildew and rot.

But how do you choose an exhaust fan? While no one wants an ugly fan, the most important thing to consider when choosing a fan is the size. A fan needs to be the proper size to pull the moisture and humidity from the air. Our master electricians in Annapolis can help you choose the proper size exhaust fan for your bathroom. This is measured not simply by the size of the room but by the number of water fixtures in a bathroom.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are finding that their bathroom does not meet these standards and are now dealing with mold and mildew and having to replace not only their exhaust fans but also their vanities and the board behind their tile. Another nasty discovery comes when the homeowner realizes that their exhaust fan has not been vented outside of their home and instead has been venting into their attic.

Do you have the correct exhaust fan for your bathroom? Is it properly vented? Haas and Sons can help with all your electrical needs like aluminum wiring replacement, outdoor lighting, electrical outlets, kitchen lighting, electrical panel, breaker, designing and planning ideas!

Why choose Haas and Sons? Chris Haas, owner of Haas and Sons and master electrician in Annapolis has a commitment to old fashioned service. He has created an environment among his electricians that encourages the best service every time. You will see the Haas and Sons difference from your first phone call for service. We take the time to listen to you and meet your needs. And we always leave your home as clean and neat as it was when we arrived.

We know that our business is only as good as our last satisfied customer so we leave every customer happy. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews on  GoogleAngie’s List, and Facebook.

Electricians Annapolis – July 14th

As Annapolis electricians we get to enjoy the beauty of the area as well as the satisfaction of bringing some of the older homes and electrical breaker panel up to code.  With the historic nature there are many older buildings and can spell trouble as uses of the home’s electrical system is loaded heavier than ever with more devices.  Kitchen remodeling can be a great thing, bringing up the home value and making the space more enjoyable.  However, when a kitchen remodel is done it is important to check the entire electrical system to see if the existing electric panel, circuits and wiring can handle the new kitchen equipment, lighting and outlets.  There are several cases of aluminum wiring in Annapolis and this can lead to dangerous conditions as the expansion and contraction of older aluminum wiring can loosen components and connections.  Older outlets can also fail, overheat and even catch fire. Give us a call and you’ll see why we have grown in reputation as some of the best electricians in Annapolis Maryland.

Electricians Annapolis – July 8th

Haas and Sons Electric is fast becoming the go-to electrical contractors for Annapolis, Maryland.  Because of our growing reputation, homeowners trust us to not only get the job done but to leave their home clean and neat when we go.  We pride ourselves on the personal service for all our installations and repairs like, indoor and outdoor lighting, attic fans, whole house fans, recessed lighting, kitchen and bathroom remodelling and especially electrical work on the water.

What a glorious week our Annapolis crew had this past week.  While most of an electrician’s work life is spent inside, we love getting called to Annapolis for pier lighting and outlets.  It means a few days enjoying life on the water.  Our decades of combined experience as electricians working on piers, docks and boat houses will be put to work for you with seamless results.  Our process improvements means we not only follow electrical code but that we can bring long lasting, problem free results for all your outdoor electrical outlets and lighting in Annapolis.

Haas and Sons Electric works with homeowners to create a lighting design for their decks and piers that matches the style of their home.  But more importantly, we are sticklers for the details and for safety.  We know that while the beauty of your home is important, nothing is as important as the safety of your family. That’s why we hire only the best Master electricians in Annapolis.

Call us today to discuss how lighting can extend your living area and create a warm and welcoming feel to your home.

Electricians In Annapolis – July 1st

As Electricians in Annapolis we know the city’s neighborhoods and with each neighborhood offering a completely different feel than the next.  It is a great place for an electrical contractor to work because there is never a boring day. From helping with full electrical inspections on homes as old as 200 years old to complete circuit panel and full home rewiring in these same homes, homeowners keep Haas and Sons Electric in Annapolis busy.

In the past year we have seen many people adding lighting and electric to their rooftop decks as well as redesigning the inside of their homes to be fully automated smart homes.  Haas and Sons is the perfect fit for historic area because we offer old-fashioned service, the same service your grandparents expected when they grew up just down the road.  We get to keep up with the trends as electricians in Annapolis MD.

Whether you are looking at buying a new home and want to know whether it will need major or minor upgrades, you have already bought and are ready to make your new house your home, or you have been in your home long enough you want to make practical upgrades such as ceiling as attic fans to bring down your electric costs, Haas and Sons is the electrical contractor in Annapolis for you.


“Haas and Sons were on time, courteous and professional and did high quality work rewiring my kitchen for a reasonable price. Chris Haas made himself very available via phone and email and always got back to me to answer any questions I had. The technician came when he said he would and stayed until the job was done. They will be my first call next time I need any electrical work done.” – Maria

“We first met Chris when our front light post was damaged during a tree removal. It was a very tough project, and after 4 hours of digging out the old line, we had a new light post and house light. From that point, we knew we had found a great electrician. He has completed several projects since last May, including installation of bedroom ceiling fans, hallway lights, outdoor porch fan, generator transfer switch, home surge protector, and outdoor outlets. Most recently, we hired Chris to complete an electrical overhaul of our basement TV room. Chris removed the old wiring and updated all the outlets and light switches; and installed recessed lighting. In addition, he installed special outlets to hide our VGA, HDMI wiring for our flat screen television. Overall, Chris is a great guy. He is incredibly reliable, trustworthy, and diligent in his work. If you have a vision for your electrical project, Chris is the guy to help you achieve it. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of any electrical work.” – Dave T.

Give us a call at 443 396 3797  to schedule an inspection as your go-to electrician in Annapolis, Maryland.


Annapolis is home to the United States Naval Academy, our state Capital and the best electricians in the area.  Haas and Sons Electric serves Annapolis, Anne Arundel County and beyond.  But we pride ourselves in knowing Annapolis. From historic homes to new construction from Bay front to river front, we know that homes in Annapolis face their own unique issues.
At Haas and Sons we pride ourselves on being able to meet homeowners needs.  From simple light fixture updates to electrical safety inspections to a complete circuit panel design and replacement Haas and Sons can take care of your electrical needs.
As consumers ourselves we know that the best test of any craftsman is what their customers have to say about them.  Here are just a few of the things our customers have to say.

“Haas and Sons were on time, courteous and professional and did high quality work rewiring my kitchen for a very reasonable price. Chris Haas made himself available via phone and email and always got back to me to answer any questions I had. The technician came when he said he would and stayed until the job was done. They will be my first call next time I need any electrical work done.” – John Archer

“Everything on one of our circuits would not turn on even after flipping the breaker. Haas and Sons was the 6th electrician that I called and the only one to answer or give me the ability to leave a message. They booked an appointment with me for the next day. That morning, they called and said they could come earlier and actually arrived a little earlier than we agreed on. Nick was very professional and informative. After some troubleshooting, he explained what the problem was, why it happened, and how to prevent it. Our house was renovated before we purchased it, and it looks our the renovators took a lot of shortcuts. Our wiring was confusing (circuit spanning 3 floors and 50% of the rooms on one of the floors but either only the ceiling fans or the ceiling fans and outlets, but not all the outlets). Nick spent most of his time in the attic, tracking down the wiring. He identified the problematic output and fixed it right away. He also pointed out other things he noticed in the house that should be fixed. This was the best experience we’ve ever had with a service call of any sort. We will be using Haas and Sons for any electrician needs in the future and will happily recommend them to our friends and family.” – Matthew Cerbas

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Electricians Annapolis – June 24th

When it comes to the beautiful high ceilings and lighting it time to call the best electrician in Annapolis.  We not only care for your indoor and outdoor lighting but we care about you and your home.  Great personal service is needed from the beginning of a service, to the very end.  Sometimes it’s the simple things that an Annapolis electrical contractor does, like wearing shoe covers, showing up when scheduled, bringing value and working with you for design ideas.  Keeping you off that high ladder and bringing you unique lighting ideas has been a proven winner in stunning lighting results.

As many Annapolis homes have history and therefore are often in need of a little electrical upgrade.   This brings the house up to code and keeps lights from dimming in one room when the “hair dryer” is turned on in another.  Our decades of combined experience and personal service has allowed us to grow into the company that we are today.  We look forward to working with your design ideas to find the right selection of lights, switches and circuit needs to make a great first impression when friends and family come over for that great party, gathering or special occasion where the house is full and the electrical system has no problem handling the needs to make the occasion a success.  We are sure to bring you fantastic results from every high ceiling to the welcoming outdoor lighting as your electrician in Annapolis MD.

Choose your lighting or allow us to help with our connections as electrical contractors in Annapolis to help make that great room “Great”

As your Annapolis electricians, Haas and Sons Electric provides superior, trusted results with decades of combined experience. Call today to schedule an appointment: 443 396 3797.




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