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Haas & Sons provides electrical services that includes electrical repair and installations for Bowie MD residents and businesses—from lighting fixtures to ceiling fan installation to breaker box replacement and surge protection.

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Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

Nick and his team were of the utmost professionalism and expertise. In the process of correcting the polarities on some outlets at my house in the Buckingham at Belair neighborhood of Bowie, the technician discovered some faulty wiring that presented a fire hazard. All was repaired and reconstructed promptly and expertly.

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Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

We have had Chris out to replace our breaker box in the garage. Very professional. fast and courteous! Nick has also been out to install a ring security light and two ceiling fans. We would highly recommend this company for your electrical needs!

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AWESOME price, service and appointment schedule

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

I called on Tuesday for an appointment to have my attic fan electrical part connected. I got an appointment the next day. Nick the service man was knowledgable pleasant and displayed excellent customer service. I will recommend this company to my friends and family. Will be using them again in the near future

Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed new Panasonic bath exhaust fan in place of old burnt out one.

Near Westwind Dr, Bowie, MD 20715
Bowie, MD - Installed new Panasonic bath exhaust fan in place of old burnt out one.
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Fixed broken connection in recessed lights in the basement.

Near Maries Retreat Dr, Bowie, MD 20720
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Replaced old bad outlets in living room and installed customer supplied lights in foyer and 2nd floor hallway

Near Wainwright Ct, Bowie, MD 20715
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Removed kitchen counter outlets and installing strip outlets with USB ports under cabinet.

Near Parkington Ln, Bowie, MD 20716
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Replaced hallway lights with customer supplied LED surface mounted lights.

Near Ockford Ln, Bowie, MD 20715
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Replaced burnt out 3 inch recessed can in living room with a new style LED one.

Near Autumn Ridge Ct, Bowie, MD 20721
Michael W.

Michael W.

Local electrician doorbell repair

Near Begonia Dr, Bowie, MD 20720
Bowie, MD - Local electrician doorbell repair
Michael W.

Michael W.

Local electrician repair/ replace damaged plug/ outlet

Near Driftwood Rd, Bowie, MD 20721
Bowie, MD - Local electrician repair/ replace damaged plug/ outlet
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Replaced damage A/C disconnect and installed whole house surge protector in the main breaker panel.

Near Mayflower Ln, Bowie, MD 20720
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed customer supplied video doorbell push button at front door of home.

Near Foxmeadow Way, Bowie, MD 20721
Bowie, MD - Installed customer supplied video doorbell push button at front door of home.

Electrician Bowie – Dec 26th


You may have found the perfect space for your company, but that doesn’t mean that it’s ready to open for business quite yet. Our electricians in Bowie can make the necessary interior and exterior electrical updates and installations, so that the space fits the needs of your company. Different types of businesses call for different equipment and many involve outlet placement and circuit upgrades to make your location efficient, which leads to business success. Luckily, our electricians have worked with many companies across the state and have the experience necessary to complete any electrical job. For a restaurant, we can make sure there are enough outlets, lighting and proper circuits for all the appliances needed to run an efficient kitchen. In the dining area, we’ll work with you to go over which types of lighting and fixtures are the best options for the dining atmosphere you’re looking to achieve.

For restaurants looking to set up tvs or other unique electronics to create a great first impression and memorable experience, our Bowie electricians can help with the installation and wiring. For an office space, the right lighting is crucial. Anything too dim could decrease productivity, while something too harsh could have the same effect. Work with a technician to decide on the ideal lighting, outlets, smoke detectors, carbon dioxide sensors placement / layout for rooms. The same goes for a store. The wrong lighting could be off putting to customers. One of our master electricians can help you choose the variety of lighting that aligns most with the feeling of the brand. Any company looking to remodel or expand is a candidate for electrical work. Don’t let your business pay the price of faulty wiring or poor out of date electrical installation. Make sure to work with a group you can trust. Our Bowie electricians are qualified, professional, and ready. Make the call today to start going over your ideas with one of our trusted technicians.  443-396-3797

Electrician Bowie – Dec 19th


Your garage is an extension of your home. With the help of a Bowie electrician it can become a space that’s suitable for more than just parking your car. Garages are a perfect opportunity for homeowners who are looking to create a workplace for projects without doing major construction. With the addition of things as simple as a tabletop and some better overhead lighting your garage can become a project hotspot. Lighting placed above a work surface is crucial for any work area, whether you’re in the kitchen or in the garage.

Once you figure out where you want your workbench to be a technician can setup the perfect amount of lighting to help illuminate the space. In addition to lighting, ask your Bowie electrician about adding in some circuits and special needs outlets. Outlets allow you to plug in any tools you may need, making your workspace more appliance friendly, even space for that garage Fridge or flat screen TV. We can help with all your remodel or addition projects as your trusted Bowie Electricians.  With the ability keep everything within reach you’ll never have to leave! Garages are typically poorly lit, hot in the summer and cold in the winter, making them not very conducive to do anything but park cars. But, with the addition of some lighting, ceiling or attic fans and proper circuits you can completely transform the space and use it for more than its original purpose for more months out of the year, while increasing home value. Because of their shape, cars rarely fit perfectly into garages as originally built. Use the extra room available to create a spot for all of your creative projects. Talk with a Bowie electrician today to go over your options and to discuss what you can do to upgrade the space.  443-396-3797

Electrician Bowie – Dec 12th


You Entryway and specifically a mudroom is often a neglected room in many homes. Thankfully, our Bowie electricians can help spruce things up. Whether you’re using your secondary entry way as shoe storage, a laundry area, or extra pantry room, there’s plenty of ways you can bring some new life to the space. If the area already has shelves or cubbies, or you are thinking of adding them, lighting is a helpful addition. When placed in the right way, it can make it easier to sort through shoes and anything else you’re storing.

We are the electricians in Bowie that come with old fashioned, professional service.  You’ll see a clearly marked company truck.  You’ll appreciate the polite, experienced, trustworthy electrician to solve your electrical needs in Bowie.

If the room doesn’t have it already, then our Bowie electricians recommend switching to recessed lighting. Mudrooms are often pretty small. Recessed lighting can help open up the space since they don’t use up any overhead area. When the room is smaller you don’t have to add too much lighting, which makes your job easier. You just have to make sure you’re picking out the right kind for the space. Entryways and especially mudrooms can be a frantic place to pull off jackets, bring large pieces into the home with low hanging lights or fans you can break expensive things quickly. Luckily, we can help make the decision and installation a breeze. After providing our input about what lighting will be the most beneficial we can go head and handle the setup process, making everything as easy as possible for you. If you’re looking to brighten up a dull space anywhere in you home, then talk to our Bowie electricians today.  443-396-3797

Electricians In Bowie – Dec 5th


Our Bowie electricians can help you outfit your business with a more energy efficient electrical system. Updating old fixtures to be accessible for LED bulbs is a quick way to decrease the amount of power that your building is using. Our technicians have worked with many homes and businesses in the Bowie community, updating their existing lighting and electrical system. Our employees come prepared with the tools necessary and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently, so that your business doesn’t miss a beat. Most of us know that we could save and be a little safer with an upgrade but procrastinate and think about the hassle to schedule an appointment and to have these updates made to your home or business. We make it easy, our old fashioned service will make you glad you took the time to call and save while you increase your safety.  You may feel like this especially if you’re old units are already working “good enough.”

While it may seem like it’s in not a priority now, our Bowie electricians will let you know that in the long run you’ll be saving on expenses and avoiding emergency breakdowns, lost time and electrical service. The reason for this is because the advances in electrical code and technology, bulbs are more energy efficient, which means you’ll owe less every month. They also last longer, which means you won’t have to replace them as frequently, saving you money on service bills. Our technicians make the process as easy as possible so that your business can keep running. If you’re looking to have your electrical ssytem become more efficient or simply fluorescent fixtures replaced with LED fittings then make an appointment with one of our Bowie electricians today.   443-396-3797

Electricians In Bowie – Nov 28th


Our Bowie electricians know that when it comes to working with electricity and wires you can never be too careful. Protecting your home from electrical disasters is easy when you make an appointment with us. The way we stand behind quality service is that we can offer free home inspections with any regular scheduled call. These checks ensure that everything is working properly. If we do catch any issues, then we are able to quickly fix them before any bigger problems occur.  This proactive measure helps to keep you and your family safe.  If your breakers are tripping, lights are flashing or outlets are hot when plugging into outlets it may be the right time to give us a call.

Part of our home inspection involves checking GFCI outlets. We highly recommend homeowners have these installed as a necessary safety precaution and up to code. While all rooms can benefit from having these special outlets installed, our Bowie electricians feel that the most important rooms are the ones that have some type of interaction with water. Your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room would fall into this category. Everyone knows that electricity and water are a deadly combination. If electricity runs through something harmful, like water, a GFCI outlet will sense this and shut down the power access. This small change could be lifesaving. After servicing homes for over a decade we can quickly make the switch for you, giving you immediate peace of mind. If your rooms are unequipped with GFCI outlets or you just want to have a home inspection, lighting, kitchen or bath remodel, outlets or outdoor lighting, then make an appointment with a Bowie electrician today.  443-396-3797

Electricians In Bowie – Nov 21st


The number one job for any host opening their home up to visitors is to make sure that they feel welcomed and comfortable. If you have guests staying with you this holiday season let our electricians in Bowie make your sure spare bedroom is a more inviting space. Whether your guest room is solely dedicated to visitors, or it is a multipurpose room, make sure that the lighting reflects the space and is appropriate for all its uses. One update that Bowie electricians can make that visitors will surely appreciate is a fan. While it may not seem like the most practical thing to have put in during the fall, letting them adjust the temperature gives guests some control over the space if the HVAC is not up to date. It allows them to make the room more comfortable.

Along the same lines, installing more outlets, lighting, like wall sconces by the bed or lamps, is also a nice addition. This gives guests options so they can use the lights however they want, like being able to turn on a nightstand lamp for reading during the evening. Additional outlets and a proper circuit allows you to use the space however you’d like when guests aren’t staying in the room. Additional lighting can make the room more accommodating for not just sleeping, but also things like working if you’d like to use the space as a temporary office. Some simple electrical updates made by your local Bowie electricians can help transform a multipurpose space and make it more suitable for a variety of uses.  443-396-3797

Electricians In Bowie – Nov 14th


From your biggest home projects to the smallest ones, there’s always some way a Bowie electrician can help. One room that we see more and more people making updates to is the closet. While it is an often neglected space there is plenty that can be done to improve the area. A simple upgrade that can be done is adding motion sensor lights to drawers. This allows you to easily see and sift through shirts, socks, or anything else in your dresser. Another update that can be made is adding lighting to shelves. Just like the motion sensor lights, this lighting makes it easier to search through clothes and find just what you’re looking for. Bowie electricians know that closets can lots have nooks and tall shelves, which means plenty of room for shadows.

Experienced Electricians can help you decide where you most need lighting and what fixtures would be best for the space, while staying safe and inside of Maryland’s electrical code.. In addition to these smaller jobs, adding more lighting to the closet is a quick way to brighten up the room. This can help with color matching and figuring out how something will look in natural lighting. We pride ourselves on family values and personal service.  For your home in Prince George’s county, talk with one of our Bowie electricians so you can work together to make some small changes that have a big impact.

Electricians Bowie – Nov 7th


Whether you are a five star chef or a home baker, everyone wants a nice kitchen. By working with one our Bowie electricians we can help you in creating the kitchen of your dreams. There are few rooms in your house that are more important than the kitchen to have well lit. Cutting, measuring, and mixing- you want to be able to see what you’re doing so you can make sure that you are completing each step properly.

This is why we recognize the importance adding additional lighting to the space. Ask a Bowie electrician about installing lights underneath mounted cabinets or below a stove hood. Even just a few extra lights placed directly over the countertop can add more brightness to your workspace. We can also replace old electrical fixtures, so that your lights better represent the new design of the room. We can work together to figure out the most effective layout for the space- where outlets are best placed, where additional lighting is most helpful, and the most appropriate ceiling lights. After over a decade of service we have helped many Bowie residents remodel their kitchens. By partnering with a trusted Bowie electrician you can design a room that best fits your kitchen needs. 443-396-3797

Electrician Bowie – Oct 24th

Selling a home is no easy task, with too many steps to count our Bowie electricians are here to lighten the load. We offer free home safety inspections with any regular scheduled call! We know how important a safe home is, whether you’re selling or not, which is why we offer these complimentary checks. When it comes to electricity, there’s a lot that goes on beneath the surface, things that some people may not even be able to tell. Our full home checks, done by one of our skilled electricians in Bowie, can spot anything wrong in your system. The quicker a problem is identified, the quicker we can provide you with the solution to fix it.

During a typical home exam, a Bowie electrician will check any GFCI outlets, smoke detectors, and electrical panels. If we detect any issues we can work with you to determine what needs to be done. Not all homes are created equal, but with many years of experience in Bowie you can be assured that we have dealt with many types of homes and issues, and we’re ready to help you. We can prepare you for the home inspection that is required for anyone looking to sell their house. By being proactive about things now, you can avoid hassle later on and with the help of our Bowie electricians this task couldn’t be easier.  We might just be able to help with the electrical services like, outlets and lighting for the bathroom and kitchen to increase your home value, make it more appealing and sell faster!

Electrician Bowie – Oct 10th


Just because things are getting colder out doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the outdoors. Talk to one of our electricians in Bowie today about installing a hot tub in your backyard. Enjoy the long nights and the autumnal foliage all from the comfort of your own heated space. With different cords, wires, and outlets it’s best to leave installation to the professionals. When setting up something this big you want to ensure that it is done correctly to avoid any accidents in the future. There’s no better person to do the job than one of our Bowie electricians.

There’s not a group of employees that are more trusted to handle any of your electrical needs. While planning out your new backyard addition, consider talking with your local Bowie electrician about installing some exterior lighting. The simple addition of outdoors lights can instantly illuminate your space, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your backyard well into the evening. Hot tubs are all about relaxation, although the same cannot be said about setting up one. Skip the hassle and hazard of trying to figure out how to install one yourself by making an appointment with a Bowie electrician and you’ll be enjoying your hot tub in no time!  443-396-3797

Electrician Bowie – Sept 26th


When was the last time you’ve thought about your smoke detector? Even though you may not be thinking about it all the time, our team of Bowie electricians are always on call to install and inspect your home’s system to ensure that everything is up to safety standards. To guarantee that your house is as safe as possible you should schedule an appointment to have your system replaced every ten years. If you’re lucky you may never have to see your fire detector in action, but knowing that it is working can make you feel that much safer in your home.

With three different types of detectors on the market you may not know which to choose for your house, luckily this is just one area of guidance that we can provide. Our Bowie electricians have been servicing the community for many years, which means they’ve dealt with many smoke detector installations and are familiar with the regulations required from the National Fire Protection Association. Using these requirements to guide us, we can inform you on where detectors are best placed. In addition to fire detectors we also install carbon dioxide detectors, essential for any modern home, especially one with an attached garage. When looking for someone to maintenance your home’s detectors make sure to contact one of our Bowie electricians.

Electrician Bowie – Sept 12th

Homeowners in Bowie, Maryland have begun expanding their living spaces to include their decks and patios.  This week Haas and Sons’ certified electricians have been helping homeowners create outdoor lighting schemes that will extend the season and let them enjoy their yards into late October and maybe even November.

Creating a beautiful outdoor lighting scheme takes some experience.  But it should always include time spent with the homeowner to decide what works best for their lifestyles.  This is where our old-fashioned values come in.  When we meet with a homeowner we listen.  We want to get to know our customers from the very beginning because we understand that it is in knowing our customers that we are best able to serve them.

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing lights for your deck and patio.  Will you want to use multiple types of lighting?  Will you need to add new outlets or tie the lighting into your electrical panel?  If you tie it into the panel will your current panel be able to handle the power needed for your lighting scheme?  Our certified electrician can answer these questions for you.

But beyond the bigger questions are the deeper ones.  We want to learn why you want lighting.  Is it so you can sit on the deck longer each night?  Are you trying to light the path to the deck or patio?  Would you like to have accent lighting in the yard that will give you a nicer view from the deck?  And while we are working on the lighting, would you like our Bowie electrician to add some security lighting to the front and back of your home?

From design to installation, Haas and Sons takes their time to make sure each job is completed to the highest standard.  Our Bowie electricians are trained to help you achieve you goals while keeping you and your home safe. Every step of the way we look for ways to improve your experience.  We understand that you could choose any electrician to serve you and we want to honor that choice by giving you 5-star service every time.  We’re the “Electrician Near Me” in Bowie Maryland that offers a free Inspection with any regular scheduled call.

Electricians Bowie, Electrical Circuit Panels – Aug 28th

Chances are if you live in Bowie, Maryland your home still has a 125amp 1960’s Push-Matic circuit panel.  This week our certified electricians have spent a lot of time in Bowie, helping homeowners update these outdated panels to a 200amp Square-D.  Has your home’s circuit panel been inspected or upgraded in the last 50 years? You might be surprised to find out that many homes in Bowie have not.

Why do you need to upgrade an Electric Panel in Bowie?

The power needs of the 1960’s were very different from homes of today.  Today, homes have more televisions, more appliances and definitely more computers and phones that need recharging.  Without even considering the dangers of overloading a system, it makes sense that these older panels could not handle the energy required of it.

How can you tell if your Bowie circuit panel needs upgraded?

There are a few signs that your electrical circuit panel needs an upgrade.  Homeowners may notice a dimming or flickering of the lights when an appliance starts or they may lose power frequently.  These are sure signs that your Bowie Maryland circuit panel needs to be replaced.

But you may not necessarily notice these signs and if you do you may be discounting their importance. You may not understand the danger an older circuit panel holds.

What are the dangers of an outdated circuit panel?

Many of the older circuit panels do not have the same safety features of today’s panels.  Today’s panels are designed to shut down in cases of an electrical shock or an overload.  Older panels do not do shut down.

But the biggest danger of an outdated circuit panel is fire. An overloaded panel is prone to fire.  In addition because many of the circuit panels are placed in the garage are exposed to more moisture, more damage caused by pests and even more dust build up that can become a problem for exposed wiring.

In addition, because most panels are placed in out of the way locations in a home, this danger is impounded because the homeowner doesn’t see a fire start. The fire in homes without of the panels can get out of hand before a homeowner is even aware it has started.

But Haas and Son’s Electric can complete an electrical safety inspection of your home and help you decide whether it is time for your circuit panel to be replaced.  Call today for an appointment with one of our certified technicians.  We will inspect your circuit panel, help you decide whether it needs to be replaced and replace it if necessary.  Bowie Electricians understand that your home holds all your greatest treasures and we believe it is our job to help you keep them safe.

Looking for an “Electrician near me” –  443-396-3797

Electricians Bowie Kitchen & Bath – Aug 15th

Bowie, Maryland saw a housing boom in the early nineties.  Everywhere you looked a new neighborhood was going up.  While many of us still think of these neighborhoods as new Bowie, many of those homes are now ready to be renovated or remodeled.  As your experienced Electricians in Bowie we can ease you through the process, from start to finish.

The two most profitable upgrades any homeowner can make are to their bathroom and their kitchen.  With new cabinet re-facing, both of these jobs have become a little less expensive for the homeowner.

In addition, realtors are finding that lighting helps sell a home.  Upgrading the old florescent light fixture of the 90s with recessed lighting, adding some pendant lighting over the island and some under cabinet lighting can make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen.

At Haas and Sons, our electricians in Bowie can sit down with you and help design a lighting scheme that is not only beautiful but functional as well.  Our technicians have the experience to help you chose the right sort of light to fit your spacing.

In the bathroom, we are seeing a trend away from the old strip lighting to a newer more elegant sconce lighting.  As electricians in Bowie, we have seen more night lights being added to make middle of the night bathroom trips safer and we have even seen a trend towards chandeliers over the tub.  We can help you decide what works for the space you have.

While we are talking about the bathroom, there is also a chance your exhaust fan needs to be replaced.  Our electricians can help you to decide whether yours is ready for an update.  Exhaust fans are important because they remove the moisture from your bathroom, helping you avoid mold and mildew not only under your cabinets and in the shower but behind the walls.

If you are ready to make some changes to your Bowie home, we are ready to help.  If you are searching for an “electrician near me” in Bowie -Call today.

Electricians Bowie Maryland – July 26th

Haas and Sons Electric is your lighting expert in Bowie, Maryland. Whether you are looking for lighting for your foyer, front porch, kitchen or bathrooms, we provide you with service second to none as electricians in Bowie Maryland.

This week we have been renovating bathrooms in Bowie. For a truly beautiful finish, bathroom lighting is so much more than simply replacing your existing lighting.

Let us help you design a bathroom with these task, accent and decorative lighting elements in mind. Much like a kitchen these three areas of lighting can complete a bathroom. Changing it from a cookie cutter bathroom into the room you imagined when deciding to update.

Electricians In Bowie, – Renovating Bathrooms

Vanity lighting – Vanity lighting is so important. You should take all three lighting elements into consideration when planning your vanity lighting. As experienced electricians in Bowie Maryland we can help with all your electrical plans.

Not only is it the first thing most people see in the morning as they prepare for the day, it is often the last place you get a glimpse of yourself before showing your face to the world for the day. Good lighting should not throw a shadow over the vanity.

Consider fixtures, such as scones, on either side of the mirror to create a more personalized look.

Shower Lighting – Lighting your shower or tub is important for setting the mood, whether that’s to help you wake up in the morning or to help you relax at the end of the day. Done right, above tub lighting can help to create a look for your bathroom that makes it stand out to potential buyers.

Safety Lighting – One feature we are seeing more and more often in bathrooms is built-in night lighting. These can be added under the vanity, lighting your footing in the middle of the night or a simpler solution is changing your outlet in the bathroom to one that includes a night light feature.

Haas and Sons have helped remodel many bathrooms, kitchens, indoor and outdoor lighting, money saving whole house fans and smoke detectors.  You can see our on-line reviews and see just how much we take pride in our work and respect your home every step of the process.  We’re ready to serve you from the simplest electrical outlet and lighting to replacing aluminum wiring or complete replacement of your electrical panel as your trusted electricians in Bowie Maryland.

Electricians Bowie Maryland – July 19th

Haas and Sons is your full-service electrical contractor in Bowie, Maryland.  We provide the kind of service that keeps our customers coming back.  Our electricians are not just highly trained master technicians.  They are trained in old-fashioned customer service. Our technicians can help you before you even start a project by creating a design that works for you and they always stay until they have left their work area looking neat and clean.

This week in Bowie we have been usinging our Bowie MD electrician expertise in helping many homeowners add ceiling fans in their second-floor rooms, on their covered porches and even in their family rooms.

Why do so many people want ceiling fans in their homes?  The most important reason is because they help you feel more comfortable.  While they do not cool the room, they circulate the air and help you to feel cooler in the hottest summer months.  In the winter months, when run on low or in reverse, they help to push the hotter air down and keep your HVAC system from over-working.

There is a wide variety of fans to choose from which means you can cool almost any size room.  As electrical contractors in Bowie MD, Haas and Sons can help you find the right size fan for every room.

What if you already have ceiling fans in your home?  If your fans are holder than 10 years older you may want to consider updating them.  Not simply for aesthetic reasons but because fans have been improved so much over the last 5 years.  They are now much more energy efficient and a lot quieter.

Ceiling fans can make a difference in the way your home looks, matching your décor or changing the feeling of a plain room by picking something that matches your style.  They keep you and your family more comfortable year-round and they can save you money.  What’s not to like?

Call Haas and Sons, your trusted Electricians in Bowie, today. 443.396.3797

Electricians Bowie Maryland – July 14th

Whole House fans have been productive for many homeowners by driving utility bills and the temperature in the attic DOWN, as electricians in Bowie Maryland we are happy to help.  It is satisfying to help our local homeowners with quality services as we bring our family values to every electrical service.  That personal service is what has helped our reputation grow so fast in such a short amount of time.  Whether it’s replacing aluminum wiring, renovating a kitchen, bathroom renovation or rewiring the entire house it is satisfying to know that we helped to make a home safer, more efficient and more comfortable.  Outdoor lighting has come a long way in the past few years and with those innovations the lighting systems have become more resilient and dependable, not to mention more attractive. We look forward to helping even more homeowners in our area to bring their monthly utility bills down with a whole house fan or an attic fan.  When the nights in bowie have cooled off and you can open the windows and draw in that cool air and cool off the house that means the air conditioning gets to rest and so does your wallet when the monthly utility bill comes lower than expected.  Give us a call for all your electrical services, we put our honesty on the line as your trusted electricians in Bowie Maryland

Electricians Bowie Maryland – July 8th

Haas and Sons Electric, your locally owned and operated electrical contractors for all your home’s needs, has been working this week to help Bowie, Maryland homeowners keep their homes cooler by installing attic fans and remove moisture from the air by installing bathroom exhaust fans.

Because we already live in a humid part of the country, bathroom exhaust fans are even more important for removing the moisture from the bathroom. Removing the moisture not only makes the room more comfortable but helps you avoid mold and mildew.  Bathroom remodeling can achieve dramatic changes and a great new look with updated lighting fixtures. Our decades of experience as bowie electricians can be put to use to bring your home design dreams into a well lit and well ventilated reality.

We are happy to say that bathroom exhaust fans have evolved so much over the last decade that while they remain a useful addition to the bathroom, they can also add some light or add to the décor of the bathroom.  An improperly installed fan can not only be dangerous from a wiring standpoint but can be downright noisy and annoying.  Call our certified electrical contractors today to have an exhaust fan safely installed in your bathroom.  As Electricians in Bowie Maryland we can help with all your needs from outdoor lighting, home renovation wiring, circuit breaker panel, bathroom exhaust fans, Kitchen remodeling, whole house fans and all your electrical needs.

Electricians In Bowie Maryland – July 1st

This week we focus on the kitchen renovation and how we can help as electricians in Bowie Maryland. Our industry connections allows us to bring unique lighting solutions and ideas to your kitchen remodel project.  Our experience as a Master electrician can bring you stunning results and fresh ideas like variable brightness under cabinet lighting.  LED lighting has many advantages to older choices for lighting in your Bowie Maryland kitchen and throughout your home.  Highly efficient lighting means lower operating costs and our installation experience means that you can expect long lasting results.  More lighting ideas can bring your kitchen remodel project unique results, increase home value and eye popping first impression for visitors to your home as well as the important sales point when selling your home.  Your project will shine with our help as electricians in Bowie Maryland.


A large part of your Kitchen Design Ideas will be the cooking unit itself, as electricians in Bowie MD we can help with all of your choices.  There are many choices and when it comes to safely installing electrical cooking units we have experience in bringing your ideas into a reality.  Many choices like; Smart Top, Induction, wall Ovens, six or four burner with Wok and or griddle, dual fuel, one or two oven solutions will need special wiring to ensure proper use and being able to handle the special occasions.  Thanksgiving is much easier when the kitchen electrical circuit is designed correctly from the beginning and there is an understanding of load tested with the rest of the house.  The memories of cooking for the Holidays like Christmas, New Years, the Fourth of July preparations or hosting the family reunion.

No matter your choices for kitchen design we are ready to help as your Trusted Electricians in Bowie Maryland.  Give us a call 443.396.3797 or schedule electrical service online

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In 2014 Bowie CNN Money ranked Bowie 28th in its Best Places to Live in American list.  This isn’t surprising as you look at how much the city has grown in the past 45 years.  It is currently the largest municipality in Prince George’s County.




Because the average life of a home in Bowie is more than 30 years old it means most homeowners will need to upgrade their electrical systems in the next few years.  While many people are looking to upgrade their homes for aesthetic reasons many more need to update for safety reasons.  Most older homes have a panel box that is outdated and unsafe.  At Haas and Sons one we pride ourselves on safety. We suggest that residents of Bowie have a full electrical inspection.  Learn more about what an electrical inspection entails here.

But we offer more than electrical inspections.  At Haas and Sons we can help you with everything from replacing light fixtures inside and out, to adding electrical outlets, replacing your circuit panel or completely redesigning your homes lighting.

What Do Homeowners Think Of Your Bowie Electricians?

At Haas and Sons we take pride in our attention to detail.  That starts with truly listening to our Bowie customers and helping to meet their needs.  This dedication to proper communication and attention to detail is why our reputation has grown along with our company. But don’t take our word for it.  Check out our reviews on GoogleAngie’s List, and Facebook.
Our customers from Bowie to Annapolis and Baltimore County to Montgomery County and beyond keep coming back because we are dependable, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
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Electricians In Bowie MD – June 24th

Summer is here and that can mean higher monthly utility bills, but we can help as your trusted electrician in Bowie Maryland.  The heat builds in our attics and that can make it hard to keep the living space of the home cool and comfortable.  When AC systems have to run harder and longer the bills can rise and the sound of an air conditioning unit running can make watching a movie a chore of turning up and down the volume and breaking the mood.  An attic fan installed buy a licensed, insured and bonded Bowie electrician can mean years of lower costs, less stress on your expensive HVAC system and a more comfortable home for you and your family.

Attic fans, whole house fans, proper electrical wiring, updating breakers, circuits and even the panel when needed is an important part of bringing your Bowie house up to code, while adding comfort.  Staying cool is only part of the equation, many Bowie homes are older and we can help.  When lights dim and circuits fail when multiple devices are used on the same circuit it may be time to have a Safety Inspection.  We at Haas and Sons have the experience needed to handle your home’s electrical needs and show you why so many people are choosing us as their trusted electrician in Bowie MD.

We have the local contacts to bring you savings and reliable installations on all your electrical needs in Bowie, including attic fans

Give us a call at 443 396 3797  to schedule your inspection as your go-to electrician in Bowie Maryland.


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Are you remodeling your home and need an electrician you can trust? Does your circuit breaker need repair? Are your lights flickering or outlets sparking? Is your smoke detector chirping or going off in the middle of the night? Schedule your appointment today.

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Free Home Safety Inspection!

Safety first! Receive a free safety home inspection with any regular scheduled call. We will check your GFCI outlets, make sure your smoke detectors are up to date and inspect the main panel for wiring and code errors.