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Haas and Sons takes pride in being your trusted neighborhood electrician near Davidsonville, MD. Our skilled and seasoned electricians are committed to delivering dependable and effective solutions for your electrical needs. Whether it’s a panel upgrade, installing new outlets, upgrading wiring, or running wiring and panel installs for construction projects, we’re your Davidsonville electrical pros! Our dedication to safety, attention to detail, and focus on customer satisfaction drives us to consistently surpass expectations, delivering exceptional results.

Our electrical services include a wide array of offerings to cater to the needs of our clients in and near Davidsonville. We are here for of your electrical needs, including:

New Construction Electrical Installations

davidsonville electrician near youThe design and installation of electrical systems is a key element in the construction of a new home, ensuring safety and functionality. Electrical installs in new homes involve meticulous planning and design of the entire electrical framework from the ground up. It encompasses the strategic layout of wiring, placement of outlets and switches, and the positioning of lighting fixtures to balance functionality and aesthetic appeal. Every element of your new home’s electrical system is carefully considered to craft an energy-efficient, reliable, and visually pleasing plan that aligns your preferences for your new home with current standards and building codes.

Residential Electrical Installations – Existing Homes

Occasionally, older homes need electrical updates. Over time, wiring can become outdated, worn, or may not be up to current building codes. If you’re considering adding new services or enhancing your home’s existing electrical setup, Haas & Sons is ready to assist. Our aim is to refresh, modernize, upgrade, and update your home’s electrical systems with the latest safety and design standards. Moreover, if you’re planning renovations or expansions, we can develop a tailored strategy to seamlessly integrate your current electrical setup with your upgrades or additions.

Davidsonville Electrical Repair

Managing electrical problems can be frustrating and, quite frankly, dangerous. Our team of experienced electricians is equipped with the expertise to accurately diagnose and fix any electrical problems you may be experiencing. Whether it’s tackling power outages, flickering lights, or circuit overloads, we utilize specialized tools and knowledge to identify the root causes and provide efficient and safe repairs. Regular electrical maintenance and prompt fixes act as a proactive step in averting accidents and ensuring the seamless functionality of your home’s electrical system.

Davidsonville Circuit Panel Upgrades

The circuit breaker panel is the central hub for your home’s electrical distribution system. Improving or updating this panel involves replacing an old, inadequate, or faulty unit with a new, efficient one capable of handling the household’s electrical demands. Upgrading your circuit panel prioritizes the safety of your home’s electrical setup by preventing overloads and short circuits, while also providing easy access to shutting down power during emergencies.

Outlet and Switch Installation and Repair

As families’ technology and power demands grow, the necessity for more accessible outlets in existing homes rises accordingly. Adding electrical outlets and switches is a commonly sought-after service in both new construction and existing properties throughout the Davidsonville area. Our local electricians are ready to install extra outlets, switches, and anything else needed to accommodate your ever-evolving household needs, whether it’s for creating more convenient charging stations or adjusting placement of outlets and switches to accommodate new technology in your home. We always prioritize your home’s safety and reliability, and are ready to replace your outdated or defective outlets and switches as the need arises.

Lighting & Fixture Installation and Repair Near Davidsonville

Lighting fixtures serve a dual purpose, balancing aesthetics and practicality to enhance the ambiance and functionality of a home. Our Davidsonville electricians specialize in installing various lighting options—from chandeliers and pendant lights to recessed lighting and everything in between. Moreover, we excel in diagnosing and reviving problems with existing fixtures, ensuring they function safely and efficiently. With expert installation and repair, well-designed lighting can significantly enhance both indoor and outdoor areas for many years.

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Do you need additional Davidsonville electrical services? Contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.
DavidsonvilleMD21035 38.915-76.6275

Nick is such a pleasure to work with, professional,caring, courteous and knowledgeable.

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Great service with technician

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.
DavidsonvilleMD21035 38.975-76.6125

Map of Davidsonville, MD 21035

Great service and experience

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.
DavidsonvilleMD21035 38.96-76.615

Mike was excellent! Great service, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient

Map of Davidsonville, MD 21035

Evasive problem found and solved.

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.
DavidsonvilleMD21035 38.8925-76.6425

Had one of those 'it only works when the serviceman is here' problems. Fortunately Micheal was able to find the problem and find an effective less costly alternative to the obvious solution of running new conduit. Very satisfied with Haas & Sons overall customer service and Micheal's creative solution that saved us money. Haas & Sons will be our 'go to' electricians for any future needs.

Map of Davidsonville, MD 21035

14-50 plug install for electric vehicle. Great job!

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.
DavidsonvilleMD21035 38.9375-76.645

Alex did an excellent quality job installing a 14-50 socket for my new electric Mustang Mach E.

Map of Davidsonville, MD 21035

Another successful installation

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.
DavidsonvilleMD21035 38.9325-76.645

This is the third time electricians from Haas and Sons have helped us and we’ve been happy with the results every time.

Energy Efficiency Home Upgrades Near Davidsonville, MD

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

With the rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) nationwide, numerous homeowners are choosing to install EV chargers at their residences for cost and time savings. Haas and Sons specializes in installing Level 2 electric car chargers, offering quicker charging speeds compared to regular wall outlets. These services include:

LED Lighting Installation and Retrofitting

Promoting sustainable living and responsible energy use, our electricians in Davidsonville, MD, specialize in installing LED (Light Emitting Diode) and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) fixtures in both new and existing structures. These options consume notably less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, reducing energy consumption while extending the lifespan of the fixtures, thereby decreasing the need for frequent bulb replacements.

Transitioning to LED lighting through retrofitting involves upgrading existing lighting systems to utilize LED technology. This change can lead to substantial energy savings as LEDs are highly efficient and emit minimal heat. Our Davidsonville electricians assess your current lighting, and then redesign your system to replace outdated and less energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures with LED alternatives. This proactive shift not only conserves energy but also yields long-term benefits by reducing electricity and bulb replacement costs.

Outdoor Wiring Services Near Davidsonville, MD

Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting serves a dual purpose by enhancing your home’s exterior aesthetics and increasing both safety and security. Our skilled electricians possess the expertise to devise and set up a variety of outdoor lighting solutions, including:

Enhanced curb appeal, increased safety, and expanded functionality are just a few of the key benefits of upgraded exterior lighting, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor spaces no matter what time it is.

Davidsonville Electricians Near You

Home electrical services include a variety of services, including inspections, design, installation, maintenance, and repairs. Expertise in electrical installations and services is a key element in upholding the safety, efficiency, and functionality of your home’s electrical framework, whether it involves a new build or an existing property. Choosing a skilled and reputable electrician is vital to ensure that your home’s electrical system adheres to local building codes and the highest safety standards, while also reflecting your style and functionality needs.

Reach out to us now at (443) 396-2555 and discover why our neighbors trust us for top-quality local electrical services in and around Davidsonville, MD. Haas and Sons is proud to be your neighborhood electrician!

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