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Haas & Sons provides electrical services that includes electrical repair and installations for College Park MD residents and businesses—from lighting fixtures to ceiling fan installation to breaker box replacement and surge protection.

College Park is best known as the home of the University of Maryland but it is also the home to everybody from students to families.  Whether you are currently living in a home in College Park or you own rental property, Haas and Sons, considered one of the best electrical contractors in Maryland can help you keep the home safe.  From electrical safety inspections to full circuit panel replacement, we can help you insure the safety of your family or your current renters.

Because many of the homes in College Park are older than 30 years and more still have a constant flow of new residents, we  suggest that homeowners in College Park have a full electrical inspection. Learn more about what an electrical inspection entails and why you need one.

Call us now at: (443) 396-3797 and see why your neighbors rely on us to deliver local electrical services at great value for a fair price in College Park MD below.

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Haas and Sons is a fast growing, well thought of family owned electrical service company.  We take pride in our work and we love helping our customers. Our customers from Severna Park to Montgomery County and beyond keep coming back because we are dependable, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. But don’t take our word for it.  Check out our reviews on  YelpHome Advisor, and Facebook.

Give us a call at 443 396-3797  to schedule an inspection as your go-to electrician in College Park MD.

Electrician In College Park – Nov 14th



No task is too big or too small for our College Park electricians. No matter what electrical chore you’ve got in mind, give us a call and we can send someone out as soon as possible to help. We know that dealing with electricity can be scary, especially if you’re not 100% confident in your skills, the electrical code and safety. That is why we strongly encourage you to ask for help. We know that sometimes it can make customers self conscious to call for help when they need something simple done and they don’t know how to do it, but that’s why our College Park electricians are the professionals.

They’ve spent years working on their skills so that they can step in and provide safety. From ceiling fans, outlets, kitchen & Bath remodeling to electrical panel a aluminum wire replacement, we can do it all safely and politely.  There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We’ve seen it all, so we’re open to any electrical repair requests you may have in mind. We actually prefer that you call because dealing with electricity can be dangerous. Better to be safe than to be sorry. If you have a request for something as simple as repairing a broken switch or an outlet we can do it. Whatever you’re thinking, talk with one of our electricians in College Park today about making it happen.

Electrician In College Park – Nov 7th


With the holidays coming up your electrical system is inevitably going to be pushed to the max. To make sure that you’ll be safe to use all your normal appliances, plus the additional seasonal decorations, consult with one of our College Park electricians. With all the hustle of the holidays it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks. Make an appointment  to ensure that your home is safe for guests and the extra strain that will be put on it in the upcoming months won’t be harmful. Part of the check involves examining the electrical panel.

By checking this out we can build a plan to update and design the circuits to handle your electrical needs. In relation to your electrical panel, talk with one of our College Park electricians about heavy ups. An electrical system upgrade allows your home to better perform under stress, increasing the amount of appliances that can be plugged in at once. The holidays are a great time to consider this update as many home systems are put into overdrive. After the upgrade you can rest assured that you’ll have one less thing to worry about this winter season. Don’t add to an already stressful time, talk to one of our skilled College Park electricians about performing a home check and installing a heavy up in your home or business.

Electrician In College Park – Oct 24th


Whether you’re a sports fan, a television lover, or a movie buff our College Park electricians can create the perfect spot for you to watch your favorite games, shows, and films. Designing a space to enjoy your tv can be easy with the help of a local, trusted electrician. When it comes to laying out the room there’s a few different things to help you maximize the space. The first would be a tv wall mount. Without the bulk of a cabinet or stand, mounting your television helps to open up the room, adding more space. We can also enhance the area by adding surround sound. Our College Park electricians can add speakers in just the right places to create an immersive tv viewing experience, instantly elevating the space and transporting you.

To complete your at home theater room make sure your lighting is just right. Consider having a dimmer switch installed. When at full power the lights are the perfect brightness for game watching during the day, while lowered lights change the room into the ideal movie viewing space. With all the electronics that come with setting up an at home theater things can get complicated. Let a College Park electrician simplify the task by handling all of your electrical needs, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new tv room.  We can help with the electrical services to enhance any existing room or addition in College Park Maryland.

Electrician In College Park – Oct 10


No matter what type of business you run there are plenty of maintenance chores that College Park electricians can help out with. A big one is providing your company with a power upgrade. Updating your electrical panel will allow your building to handle more electronics and in this digital age that could not be more important. Increasing the power your system receives means that everything will run smoother. It also increases your building’s safety; you no longer have to be fearful of overloading or straining the system.

By calling a College Park electrician near you, you can work with one of our skilled team members who will advise you on the best ways to improve your building’s efficiency. A business that runs smoothly makes for happier employees, which leads to happier customers who keep coming back. We too are a local business and have been in the area for over twelve years. We know how important it is to make sure everything is running properly. We also know how hard this can sometimes be, which is why we want to help. Let us join your team, so you can have a College Park electrician that is always on call, ready step in wherever they are needed.

Electrician In College Park – Sep 26th


Any homeowner that wants to make a smaller room look bigger, especially an apartment, should ask their local Haas & Sons College Park electrician about recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is the perfect option for someone looking to renovate a small space. Since the lights align with the ceiling the room appears more open, making them an ideal lighting solution for low ceilinged rooms. Recessed lights also free up wall space, giving you more room to decorate. These fixtures are a no fuss option for any homeowner looking to make an easy decision on redecorating. Having said that, deciding on where to put the lights based on your ceiling layout can be hard to figure out. That is why our College Park electricians are here to help. By determining the best placement and completing installations efficiently, there’s no better option.

In addition to installing recessed lights, we can also help update outdated fixtures. No matter what the task’s level of difficulty is or where you’re looking to have something installed, we can help. The sooner you hire us, the quicker you can enjoy the redesign of your space.
Whether you are looking to have recessed lights, or another variety, installed electricians in College Park are on call. 443.396.3797

Electrician In College Park – Sep 12th

Classes are back in full swing and College Park, Maryland is hopping with new students and new tenants.  While landlords spend a good portion of the summer trying to get their rental properties in order, many only find out there is an electrical problem when the tenants move back into a property. A trusted College Park Electrician can help.

Haas and Sons Electric has spent this week helping landlords in College Park with general electric repairs all week.  While many people think of calling an electrician for major changes in their electrical service, they choose a handyman when making smaller repairs. From loose outlets to flickering lights to replacing or installing smoke detectors we have seen it all this week.

At Haas and Sons, our certified electricians in College Park believe in building relationships with our customers.  That starts with small projects, such as exhaust fan repair, kitchen light replacement or power surge issues.  We are here to help our customers with any of their electrical needs and highly recommend using a certified electrician for even the smallest electrical jobs.

One of the biggest dangers a property owner faces is the threat of fire. Because faulty wiring can lead to fire, we encourage homeowners and landlords to always hire a professional for their electric work.  Our certified technicians are not only trained to complete the work assigned but to look for potential dangers for the home as well.

As your old-fashioned, home town College Park electrician we want to serve our customers from the smallest to the biggest jobs.  We take our time to make sure each job is completed to the property owner’s satisfaction.

While we are fixing your loose outlets, replacing your light switches or repairing your ceiling fan, ask us about our electrical safety inspection.  It is important to us to give our customers peace of mind.  Our safety inspection is the first step in insuring that we do just that.

Call today to schedule your safety inspection with an electrician in College Park.

Electricians In College Park – Aug 28th

Our certified electricians work with many landlords in the College Park area.  Whether they are renting to students or faculty, they are each trying to get a bigger piece of the rental market pie.  For many landlords, a deep clean will spruce up the property enough to still be attractive to potential renters.

But, what if your property has become dated in comparison to the newer apartments and condos going up in College Park? Will you have to completely renovate the property to attract new tenants? Maybe not.  Haas and Sons is seeing a trend towards smaller upgrades that make a big difference.

Three Small Upgrades to Attract New Tenants

Lighting – If you are renting to parents, lighting might make a big difference in the decision to choose your property over another more updated property.  Replacing the outdoor lighting with a motion sensor technology may help the parents feel safer leaving their young student on your property.  After the entry way lighting, we also suggest you consider updating lighting in the kitchen and bathroom.  These are two small upgrades that can bring a dated kitchen up to date. Our certified electricians in College Park can help you create a lighting scheme that will attract more potential tenants.

Fresh Paint – While most agents will suggest keeping the paint scheme neutral throughout, a different shade of neutral with a fresh new coat may be just what your rental property needs to attract a new tenant.  Take a look at some of the higher technology paints as well.  Some of these act as a filter to filter out cooking smells or even the yellowing caused by cigarette smoke.

Clean or Replace the Carpeting – Many landlords in College park clean the carpets between each tenant.  While this is great for a couple of years, it causes wear and tear on the carpet and leaves behind a noticeable scent that tends to linger.  If this is the case in your property, it may turn potential tenants away before they take two steps in the door.  Consider replacing the carpet. It will not only look better, it will freshen up the scent of the property.

Being a landlord is not always easy.  It’s made more difficult when newer apartments with more amenities are being built within walking distance of campus.  Call Haas & Sons today to learn how we might make renting your property even easier.  Looking for a trusted “Electrician Near Me” in College Park?  You found us 443-396-3797

Electricians In College Park – Aug 15th


With new students coming into the University of College Park in just a few short weeks, property managers are keeping our electricians busy at Haas and Sons Electric.  To keep up with the new state of Maryland fire code, property managers are replacing the 9v battery operated smoke detectors with hardwired detectors and adding smoke detectors to bedrooms.

Although this is the new state code, the property managers we have worked with understand they have a responsibility to their tenants to keep them safe.  Many property managers switched to the hardwired detectors years ago to ensure not only the safety of their tenants but their property as well.  As electricians in College Park we understand the needs of homeowners, property managers and tenants.

In 2016, there were 68 deaths by fire in 2016.  While most these deaths occurred in Baltimore City, there were deaths in almost every county.  Many of these deaths could have been avoided with properly installed fire detectors.

Hass and Sons has become the electrician to call in College Park, Maryland because we give unparalleled service.  Not only do we listen to our property managers and homeowners, but with our electrical safety inspection  we give our homeowners peace of mind.

Our customers know that we are always looking out for their safety.  They also know that we arrive when we say we are going to arrive and we get done as quickly as possible and clean up after ourselves so the homeowner, property manager or tenant can get on with their day.

Our certified electricians seek perfection in College Park Maryland. It is our goal to always give 5-star service.  The biggest compliment we can get is to be referred to our customers’ friends and families.  We love knowing that our customers trust us enough to recommend us to people they know and love.

If you currently have 9v battery operated smoke detectors in your home or rental property, please call us at 443-396-3797 today from your trusted electricians in College Park MD.

Electricians In College Park – July 31st

Electrical Safety Inspection – College Park

The new semester is about to start at the University of Maryland College Park. If you have a rental property in College Park, Maryland, old tenants may be moving out and new tenants may be moving in. This is a good time to evaluate your electrical safety. Because you are not in the home on a daily basis and because many of your tenants have very little life experience, our college park electricians have compiled a few electricial questions you should consider asking.


Although this could be as simple as faulty light bulbs, it could be something more serious such as faulty wiring or overloaded circuits. For peace of mind for you and your future tenants we suggest you get an electrical safety inspection by our master electricians in College Park MD.


Because college students may not have experience with home repairs they may not know this is an issue and may not tell you. It is good to ask this question. Breakers that trip on a regular basis can be a sign that your circuit panel is outdated or overloaded. Both of which can mean loss of life and property if not taken care of.


Although many people see this as a common problem it is not to be overlooked. Sparking may be a sign of a future electrical fire. The good news is that it may be an easy fix. It is possible that a wire has come loose and just needs to be tightened. If this is the case, you should check all of the other outlets and switches as well. Chances are if one is bad, so are the rest.


Again, unless asked a tenant may not tell you. A burning smell or a hot outlet is dangerous for your tenants as well as your property and should be checked right away. Again, this may be an easy and inexpensive fix and could save lives down the road.

Another great way to keep your property safe is to schedule a yearly electrical safety inspection with our College Park Electricians. Call us today to learn more.

Electricians In College Park – July 19th

Do you own a rental property in College Park, Maryland?  Chances are you are renting it out to University of Maryland College students for at least nine months of the year.  If your property is currently empty or you are looking to move in new residents this fall, call Haas and Sons Electric today.  We can help you with your electrical repairs but also help you with a safety inspection of the property.

Many of the homes in College Park have outdated electrical panels.  With our safety inspection, we can help you find trouble spots and make the necessary updates before they become dangerous.

Most College Park students do not have the experience you have as a homeowner and will not know to call you when they feel a warm outlet.  They may not think anything of lights that dim or flicker when they are vacuuming or blow drying their hair.  Let our master electricians in College Park MD, catch these signs because they become a problem.

While we are out, we can also help you replace any fixtures that have been ruined in the past year, add safety lighting at the entrance of the home and make the home more aesthetically pleasing for potential renters.

Haas and Sons Electric understands that this is not your home but a rental property and you may not want to spend top dollar on upgrades.  We keep that in mind when making suggestions but don’t cut corners for safety.  We can help you balance the two needs. If you own more than one property we may even be able to offer you a discount for servicing each of them.

How can Haas and Sons help you today? Call us for an inspection today.  Let our electricians in College Park help you keep your property safe this year.

Electrician College Park – July 14th

Howard county has a great diversity of homes and we’re proud to have helped with the wide variety of electrical needs as electricians in Columbia Maryland.  Many older homes and businesses have aluminum wiring and that can lead to issues.  Far to often the aluminum issues are not taken care of before there is a major issue.  House fires, hot outlets, breakers tripping and circuits failing are all too common.  We have developed the processes needed to help with aluminum wiring replacement to bring a house up to code and increase safety and dependability.    That’s our work ethic and family values that has allowed out reputation, reviews and company grow so well in Columbia.  No matter what your electrical renovation, remodel, outdoor or indoor lighting, outlets or a money saving attic fan we are ready to exceed your expectations as trusted electricians in Columbia Maryland.

Electrician College Park – July 7th

Homeowners have many priorities when updating their homes, we’re ready to help as trusted electricians in College Park Maryland.  For many the top priority is making the house look and feel like a home but summertime in Maryland can change that priority very quickly.  With rising temperatures come rising electric bills.  In the past few weeks we have been installing attic fans in College Park on a daily basis.  While attic fans may go largely unnoticed by your visitors, they will help cool your home from the top down.

Attic fans help pull the heat from your attic, thereby cooling not just the attic but the upper floors of your home.  Our customers install attic fans not only to lower their electric bills but to make living in the home more comfortable.  Nobody likes to sleep in a hot house.

In addition to attic fans, we install whole house fans.  Whole house fans are installed in the ceiling between the house and the attic. When combined with ceiling fans, whole house fans can help cool your house most of the year.  Whole house fans can help you avoid turning your air conditioner on early in the season and allow you to turn them off before fall.

According to the Department of Energy, it is important to hire a professional electrician to install a whole house fanbecause it is tricky business. Not only can an improperly installed fan be dangerous but if not properly installed it can be unusually loud. A certified electrician can not only help you decide the best location but can install the fan safely for you and your family.

Let Haas and Sons help you keep your house cooler this summer.  Our certified Master Electricians in College Park MD will work with your to design a ceiling fan, whole house fan and attic fan combination that ultimately lowers your electric bill and helps to keep your home comfortable all season long.

College Park Electricians – July 1st

One of the most well educated and historically fascinating communities in Prince George’s County that we have the privilege to serve as electricians in College Park, Maryland.  There are new homes and renovations being built every year.  In College Park, Haas and Sons Electric finds many young couples and families looking to upgrade their new houses to help them become the homes of their dreams.

Adding new lighting throughout the home with light fixtures for the front foyer, interior hallways and even outside lighting can make a big difference in personalizing a home.  But the biggest differences we have seen comes in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Proper lighting design can completely change the feel of your home.  Call Haas and Sons Electric today to learn how we can help you create the ambience you are looking for in your home.

In addition, we have seen the growing popularity of the entertainment room.  From sconce/theater lighting, to hanging your flat screen television, Haas and Sons can help you create a home theater for the entire family or a man-cave just for Dad.

Or maybe you are ready to add smart home details to your house.  Haas and Sons can help with that too.

How do you envision your home?  What do you want to add to create the look and feel you dreamed of when looking to purchase a home?  Haas and Sons can help.

While you have a choice of electrical contractors in College Park Maryland, Haas and Sons Electric stands out in their old-fashioned service.  We always put our customers first.  Every employee of Haas and Sons gets a background check.  Every technician will wear booties when they come to your home.  And without exception, every technician will leave the work area neat and clean upon completion of the job.

See What Our Customers Have To Say About Us.

“Very pleased with the deal I purchased. He was super responsive, arrived on time, wore shoe covers while inside, laid down a drop cloth when he went into the attic to install the electrical box, put up the new fan rather quickly and then cleaned up after the job was completed.”

“Haas and Sons were on time, courteous and professional and did high quality work rewiring my kitchen for a reasonable price. Chris Haas made himself very available via phone and email and always got back to me to answer any questions I had. They will be my first call next time I need any electrical work done.”

Give us a call at 443 396 3797  to schedule an inspection as your Trusted electricians in College Park, Maryland.

Electricians In College Park MD – June 24th

Sometimes homeowners are looking for a way add a special touch or renovate a room to bring back that spark and unique identity that makes the space show your personality, we can help as your trusted electrician in College Park, Maryland.  When is comes to renovations your first priority should be a respected contractor.  But that is not all.  Your electrical contractor should be polite, on time, experienced and good communicators to bring you the results needed for your project.

At Hass and Sons,  we know the importance of personal service and it has helped us to have outstanding reviews on-line all across central Maryland. We follow through the entire process with personal and professional responsibility to bring you excellent results in your home remodelling, indoor and outdoor lighting and all your needs as an electrician in College Park, MD.

When looking for an electrical contractor in College Park, to help with your kitchen or bathroom remodel you want a dependable company with dependable results.  By bringing you easy communication and our industry connections, we can work with you from the start with unique design plans that can help to revitalize that living space with eye catching lighting your visitors will love and want!  Under cabinet lighting can help to set the mood as well as bring function to your kitchen project.  As a College Park electrician we’ve seen how main lighting features can start a conversation, break the ice and show your unique style.

We love to work with homeowners to find the right fit and bring your kitchen to life.  Bathroom remodelling can increase home value as well as make the home sale process a breeze when potential buyers see updated spaces.  Listening to you and working with your ideas along with our experience can make for a great finished product.  When you are ready to make that remodelling process a smooth, trusted, clean installation give us a call, you’ll be glad you did as your trusted electrician in College Park, MD.

From Kitchens to Bathroom remodelling in College Park we can help to revitalize that old space into a new dimension.

Contact us for all your needs 443.396.3797  as your Trusted Electrician in College Park MD


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Safety first! Receive a free safety home inspection with any regular scheduled call. We will check your GFCI outlets, make sure your smoke detectors are up to date and inspect the main panel for wiring and code errors.