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Columbia Maryland has many incredible homes and we are proud to have helped contribute to as a Licensed Electrician in Columbia MDFrom simple outlet replacements to updating outdoor lighting and complete home renovations, we can help with all your electrical contracting needs. We have helped many of your neighbors with their electrical installations such as LED Recessed lights, Electric Vehicle Chargers (EVSE), wiring hot tubs, home lighting controls, and many more.

Our reputation has grown due to our personal service and care for your home as a trusted family member.  Starting with courtesy and prompt communication we bring our decades of combined experience as licensed electrical contractors to continue with the care for your home by wearing shoe covers and politeness as we install, upgrade or help to renovate.

We are often asked “Do you have an electrician near me?” and the answer is “Yes!” We are constantly working in Howard County every day, helping people just like you.

Call us now at: (443) 396-3797 and see why your neighbors rely on us to deliver local electrical services at great value for a fair price in Columbia MD below.

Q: How much does Electrical Repair services cost in Columbia MD?
A: A basic wiring and electrical repairs will run from $200 for a basic repair to over $800 for more complex issues and installations. Each company may have a different way of charging to come out. Some may have a 1 or 2-hour minimum, some may have a call out charge plus an hourly rate, then charging inflated material costs while others like us have a service charge and a flat rate (aka fixed price repair cost). We prefer this method as it is never based on the electrician’s speed or efficiency and provides constant pricing for you. You will know the exact cost prior to doing the work with no surprises at the end.

Q: When should you upgrade your electrical panel?
A: It is recommended to replace and or upgrade the electrical system every 30 years. Electrical systems are the least serviced system in the entire home and often have underlying issues that need to be addressed but never get attention until there is a problem. Parts of the system can rot, corrode, wear out, stop working properly under manufacturer specs, and changes in the electrical code provide a much safer electrical system for your home.

Q: How much does it cost to upgrade an electrical panel?
A: Here in Maryland upgrading your electrical system often runs from $2000 to $5000. Depending on the code requirements, difficulty, warranty, and bells and whistles you purchase will greatly affect this cost.

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On Time, Clean and Very Knowledgeable

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

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Fast and fairly priced

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

I reach out to five other companies and everyone was trying to over charge me and provide me with delayed quotes. With Nicholas it was straight to the point with a fair price, fast delivery, and perfect result.

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Pleasure to work with.

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Very responsive

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Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed new arc fault/ground fault protected circuit in the basement for a projector screen, amplifier, and a plug in the closet.

Near Patchin Ct, Columbia, MD 21045
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installing new outlets throughout office for various equipment.

Near Old Columbia Rd, Columbia, MD 21046
Columbia, MD - Installing new outlets throughout office for various equipment.
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Quotes to install new 2x4 lay in LED dimmable fixtures throughout office area and to install new outlets for copiers and water dispensers throughout office.

Near Old Columbia Rd, Columbia, MD 21046
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Adding dedicated 20 amp circuit for a over the stove microwave. Customer had an original hood fan and light over her stove. They wire running to hood fan was too overloaded to power a microwave. I ran a new 12/2 wire from main panel up to the cabinet above the microwave and installed a new outlet, just for the microwave.

Near Tamar Dr, Columbia, MD 21045
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installing whole house surge protection on main panel to protect wiring and appliances in home from harmful excess voltage.

Near Brighton Ridge Ln, Columbia, MD 21044
Michael W.

Michael W.

Power loss, lighting, switch

Near Black Cherry Cir, Columbia, MD 21045
Columbia, MD - Power loss, lighting, switch
Michael W.

Michael W.

Alice Marks

Near Encounter Row, Columbia, MD 21045
Columbia, MD - Alice Marks
Michael W.

Michael W.

Pendant light

Near Quarterstaff Rd, Columbia, MD 21044
Columbia, MD - Pendant light
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Troubleshooting power loss in dinning room light and lighted switch.

Near Skyward Ct, Columbia, MD 21045
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Replace post head light. Installed new photocell to make light work dusk to dawn. Installing new GFCI to protect from electrical shock when water is present.

Near Straight Star Pl, Columbia, MD 21044

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We are an accredited Angie’s List Electrician. We have held an A rating since we became members in 2016 and have won the Super Service award from Angie’s List two years in a row. With over 50 Angie’s List reviews and an A rating, you know you’re in good hands. You do need a membership to look at our full profile, but you can sign up for free now and enjoy nearly all the perks.

Haas and Sons is a fast-growing, highly-regarded, and family-owned electrical service company that strives to build long-term relationship with our customers to help them enjoy their home as effortlessly as possible. We take pride in our work and we love helping you. Your neighbors keep having us back because we are dependable, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. But you don’t have to take our word for it – just Google “Haas & Sons Electric reviews” to see for yourself.

If you are new to Columbia, MD or lived here all your life we’re glad to meet you and your unique needs. We’re ready to bring our licensed, bonded and insured skills when you are ready for the highest value for all your indoor and outdoor lighting, fixtures, outlets, and complete design as the Electricians in Columbia, Maryland.

Give us a call at 443 396-3797  to schedule an appointment with your go-to electrician in Columbia MD.

Take a look at a few examples of jobs we have done near you..


Electricians In Columbia – December 26th


Whether you’re remodeling, adding on, or just looking to make some style updates most projects can benefit from electrical work. Our Columbia electricians can assist during any of your at-home projects. One of the most frequent requests our technicians receive is for installation. When it comes to electricity there are plenty of small changes that our employees can install to work with your style and design ideas to make a large impact. A popular project in the spring and summer is to add a fan to a room, or to replace an old fixture with a newer model. With so many electronics and appliances that need to be plugged in nowadays, there are many homes that would benefit from the addition of more outlets to bring the house up to date with today’s electrical needs. Room renovation is the perfect time to think about adding more outlets, fans, lighting, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors but this installation can be done at any time.
 Go beyond the traditional outlet options and talk to a Columbia electrician about having a GFCI or USB outlet installed instead for safety and/or convenience. We can also install new lights to brighten and add new life into a room. You’d be surprised how a little good lighting can go along way in the overall design and feeling of a space. Most rooms in the house can benefit from a few electrical upgrades and make a great first impression. Talk with a Columbia electrician today about what you’re looking to have done and we can work with you to make it happen.  We’re ready to work with you and your design ideas. 443.396.3797

Electricians In Columbia – December 19th


There’s no better time than the present to hire a Columbia electrician to make sure that your home’s electrical system is running properly. While the benefits of having a safety check performed are clear, you may be hesitant to have one done if you feel as though there aren’t any “major” problems. No matter how well you think you know your home there may be small changes in your system that are hinting towards an issue, but you’re missing the signals. Aluminum wiring is a serious issue in older homes, we have the experience for conversion to copper wiring.  Lucky for you, we know what to look for with courtesy and old fashioned polite electrical service.
After our Columbia electricians examine your home’s main panel, as well as all of the outlets and smoke detectors, they can give the all clear. This simple check will leave you feeling confident that everything is good to go. Plus the examination is free, so you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! Nothing can put you at ease more than hearing from a trusted professional that everything in your home’s electrical system is safe and working as it should be. If, for whatever reason, something is wrong we can act quickly, taking care of the problem. These complimentary safety checks are just one of the ways that we show our customers that we value them and want to ensure their safety above all else. Schedule an appointment today with a Columbia electrician443.396.3797

Electricians In Columbia – December 12th


It’s that time of year again where homes’ electrical systems are working double time in order to accommodate new electrical appliances and numerous holiday decorations and gatherings. Our Columbia electricians can help make things easier on your house by performing an electrical panel upgrade. If your lights are flickering when appliances run or circuit breakers are “breaking” your home will thank you for the upgrade. You can increase home value now – and making it easier to sell when that time comes. While owners that have older houses with older systems should look into having their unit upgraded as soon as possible, others should consider having their system inspected and possibly upgraded to be ready for the holiday time.
Perhaps your Columbia home has experienced electrical power outages? If you have electrical devices, appliances, TVs, Computers then you might consider a whole house surge protector. A surge protector at the circuit panel can help to bring you peace of mind, especially in an older Columbia home.  Even “young” houses can experience an electrical power surge and with the cost of replacing expensive electronics a whole house surge protector makes a lot of sense and increase home value with a minimal investment for long term returns.
Our Columbia electricians can ensure that everything is running properly and if something is wrong, inefficient or out of date, we will be able to promptly take care of the problem. During the stress of the holiday season it can be easy to get wrapped up in activities, shopping and chores. By making sure that your system is up to date and working properly before things get too hectic you can let yourself focus on other things, while investing in your own home and ready to make a memorable first impression. It can be easy to forget about your circuit panel box, but giving it a little extra attention could save you in the future. With so much going on during the winter season the last you need is a power outage. If you’re looking to have your system upgraded or inspected, then contact a Columbia electrician today.   443.396.3797

Electricians In Columbia – December 5th


When running your own home and/or business it’s nice to have a qualified team behind you that you know you can trust. Let our Columbia electricians be a part of your maintenance lineup. For over twelve years we have helped companies and homeowners throughout Maryland outfit a space, renovate an existing building, and install new equipment. We have also been on call for all their routine repairs. We can be there for every step of your business’s progress. Our dependability, professionalism, and skill make us more than capable of handling any of your home or company’s electrical needs. From heavy ups to LED retrofits, whatever you’re looking to have done, we can do with old fashioned, polite, professional electrical service.
When you call our Columbia electricians they can ensure that everything is working properly. Running a home or a business is a balancing act. When you delegate tasks to other trusted companies you can use your energy to focus on the things that you want to focus on and become more efficient. No matter what type of house you run or company you own, if there’s a store or office building, then we’re the electrician that can help you become more efficient. When you have us on speed dial you don’t have to scramble at the last second to find someone to help if something goes wrong. We are the immediate solution to your problem. Build a relationship with your Columbia electrician today so that we can be your helping hand if you need us in the future.

Electricians In Columbia – November 28th


If you’re experiencing any technical issues with your home’s electrical system, then schedule an appointment with one of our Columbia electricians today. Different lights, outlets, fans, circuit panels and motion sensors require a different set of skills to fix. It’s not a one size fits all process. With over twelve years of being in the business of home electrical company services we have plenty of experience fixing many types of fixtures, from dimmers to landscape lights. A quick phone call leads to an even quicker repair. Don’t waste time , become frustrated when trying to figure out how to do it yourself when we already have the knowhow required for the job.
Our Columbia electricians know that sometimes a broken outlet switch is easy to ignore, especially when other outlets are close by that you can use instead. While it may seem like you’re saving money by not requesting to have it fixed, you are actually ignoring something that could be the sign of a bigger problem. If you have an outlet or switch that is broken or glitchy, then reach out today because it could be evidence of a larger portion of the electrical system or panel is broken. If this is the case our electricians are trained to handle the issues and can efficiently fix your circuit panel box if need be. If you’re experiencing any issues with your wall outlets or switches, make an appointment today with a Columbia electrician.

Electricians In Columbia – November 21st


From cooking, eating, cleaning, and even doing homework, there are few rooms in your house that are used for such a variety of activities besides the kitchen. Luckily, a Columbia electrician can help make the space more suitable for whatever tasks you use it for. A popular addition we are seeing homeowners ask for is shelving or under cabinet lights. This lighting makes it easier when looking through overstocked cabinets to find just what you wanted. Drawer lights are also helpful for the same reasons. When it comes to cooking sometimes you have to really be precise. Don’t let poor lighting lead to bad food. Our Columbia electricians can quickly install cabinet lights, outlets and special wiring for appliance upgrades so you can see the fine details of your cooking and better read recipes.
For houses where the kitchen doubles as the dining area make sure that the proper lighting is installed above. There are many options and we can help bring you the advantages of each, Pendants or Hanging lights, Recessed and track lighting can help brighten the area. Kitchen tables and islands are rarely used for just one thing, so make sure you have the appropriate lighting for eating meals, reading mail, and doing homework. Get the most out of your kitchen space by talking with one of our Columbia electricians. We can use our skills, experience and electrical industry connections to make the room more accommodating for whatever you use your kitchen for, while renovating your kitchen in Columbia Maryland. 443.396.3797

Electricians In Columbia – November 14th


Our electricians in Columbia are a great resource for homeowners who are looking to expand the usable space in their house. While this may seem like an odd statement, the right lighting or the simple installation of outlets can transform any area. One place we see the biggest opportunity for improvement is the garage. With just a few additions the garage can be transformed into a space that can be used for more than just cars. It can be a new workplace for all your projects. Our team of electricians have worked with many customers to convert their garages into spaces that fulfill more than just one task.
Some of the updates our Columbia electricians have made involved adding more outlets. This allows homeowners to use different appliances outside, whether that be power tools, or maybe even a small vacuum for cleaning the car. We’ve also added more lighting for better visibility while working out in the garage. Whether you’re dedicating your whole garage space to your projects, or just a bench, there are plenty of ways that your local electrician can help to improve the space. By consulting with a Columbia electrician you can decide what your goals are for the area and what setup will be the best use for the space.  Perhaps you are ready for the automated garage door opener?  Give the “electricians near me” a call today. 443.396.3797

Electricians In Columbia – November 7th


Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. This is why we encourage you to talk with one of our Columbia electricians if you are thinking of redesigning a room. Before you get started, think about what you want to have done. Every now and then just a simple fixture update can be enough to help to brighten up the room and update the look. When it comes to room renovating we can help with all your electrical needs. Sometimes figuring out what can be best for your space can be hard, all you know is that you want something different.

By consulting with one of our Columbia electricians you can work through your vision together and decide how to best achieve that look. Whether you are looking for help installing, choosing a fixture, or both, we can help. On the topic of updating fixtures, think about your outdoor lights as well. Do they need some TLC? To fit the overall design of your home make sure that your exterior lights are just as nice looking as the rest of your home. From the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the backyard, there is no place we can’t lend our services. Our Haas & Sons Columbia electriciansare here to help you achieve your design goals.


Electrician In Columbia – October 24th


The key to any great landscape design is to have equally great lighting. If you’re looking to give your yard a boost talk with one of our Columbia electricians. Outdoor lighting and outlets can be used in a variety ways for your home. We can educate you on the different uses and help you decide what options will be most effective for your house’s layout. For any home, exterior lights are a useful way to protect against burglars. A well lit home makes it easier to spot criminals and discourage any who may be looking to steal or vandalize from your home.

Our Columbia electricians look out for our clients and know that landscape lighting is an easy way to increase your home’s safety. Path and deck lights are also helpful, illuminating your patio and bringing light to pathways throughout the yard, making them easier to maneuver around. Why invest in a space that you can only use a certain time of day? The simple addition of lights in your backyard allows you to enjoy your space anytime of day. You can also use outdoor lighting as a way to accent the area. Work with one of our skilled electricians to pick fixtures that best reflect the design of your home. For a landscape that looks great at all hours call one of our Columbia electricians today.


Electrician In Columbia – October 10th


Our Columbia electricians have heard it all before when it comes to house fans. What’s the right size for my house? What exactly does it do? How will it be installed? Instead of trying to Google and research the answers yourself, talk with one of our skilled employees today. We’ve installed plenty of house fans and have all the answers to any questions you may be wondering. On the fence about purchasing one? Our Columbia electricians can make your decision easier by letting you know that an attic fan is a great way to help the environment and decrease your energy bill.

The fan works as an alternative way to cool your house and requires less energy than traditional air conditioners. While the installation may seem like a daunting task our team of highly skilled staff is ready for the challenge. At Haas & Sons we have decades of combined experience under our belt, which means we have the solutions to any electrical problems you may be facing. It also means we’re very knowledgeable about the homes in the surrounding areas, which allows us to better perform our services no matter what the type of residence. If you’re considering having an attic fan installed, call one our Columbia electricians today so you can get all your questions answered.    443.396.3797


Electrician In Columbia – September 24th


For any modern home electricity is a must, and while it does make things easier, it can introduce its own set of problems. Because of this, we urge you talk with one of our Columbia electricians today about having GFCI outlets installed if you’re home is not already equipped. While it may seem like an easy enough change to do it yourself,  if a mistake is made it could be harmful to yourself and lead to problems down the road for your house. Dealing with your home’s electrical system is always a tricky task, which is why we recommend leaving this work to our Columbia electricians.

We’ve been in business for enough years to build the experience needed, so we can get a task like this done efficiently and ensure that we get it done right the first time. While they seem like a minor change from your normal wall outlets, these safety outlets help protect against electrical shocks, possibly saving your life. In addition to installing GFCI outlets we also offer home safety inspections where we inspect your outlets, fire detectors, and electrical panels. Making sure that your home is a safe space is our top priority. That is why we offer these house checks for free. If you’re in the area, talk to one of our Columbia electricians today about GFCI installations.



Electrician In Columbia – September 12th

With a rise in small crimes in Columbia, Maryland this summer, residents are taking more measures to protect their properties.  Haas and Sons electricians have spent the past few weeks helping homeowners light the exterior of their homes.

We encourage homeowners to take some time to sit down with one of our certified electricians in Columbia and create a lighting scheme that adds protection for your homes, your automobiles and your family.

There are several layers of lighting that can be added to the exterior of a home to protect homeowners and your property.  First, we suggest making sure your entryway lights are bright enough to throw light into the recesses of your front and back porch and any surrounding shrubbery.  Light is a discouragement for burglars.  If they can be seen they are less likely to bother your home.  Haas and Sons’ certified electricians can help you choose the right lighting for your entryways.

When considering lighting for your entryway, we also suggest looking at matching lighting for your garage or lamp posts. These lights will help to keep your cars well-lit and discourage theft or even vandalism.

Motion sensitive security lighting in Columbia is also a good idea for the front, back and sides of your home.  When creating a design for these lights keep your neighbors in mind.  We don’t want to have the light shining in their bedrooms all night, causing tension between you and your neighbors.

Finally, burglary and theft are not the only dangers exterior lighting can help you avoid.  Adding lights along your walkways and paths is a good idea to protect you from litigation in case a friend or neighbor were to trip on unseen objects.  A lawsuit is likely to cost you more than a burglary or even an automobile theft.

Call Haas and Sons Electric today to learn how we can help you create a lighting scheme that works for you and your home.  Looking for that “electrician near me” in Columbia?

Electricians In Columbia August 28th

In Columbia, Maryland, Haas and Sons Electricians have spent a lot of time with moms lately. As parents are becoming more aware of the dangers of the internet for their children, they are looking for alternatives for their children.  One of the biggest ways to attract a child and their friends to your house for the day is with a great theater/game room.

But creating the true feel of a theater room takes work.  Haas and Sons has had the pleasure of creating theater rooms that have become the envy of the neighborhood.  These are the rooms all your kids’ friends want to hang out in.


Wall Mounted Television – For a truly great theater you need either a wall mounted television or a home projector screen.  Haas and Sons Electric’s certified electricians can install it for you safely. While there are many DIY projects we know our customers can tackle, a nice television is an investment worth taking care of.  As we complete television installations on a daily basis, this is an easy process for us.  We know the pitfalls to avoid and the best way to make sure your television is securely installed.

Surround Sound – A good surround sound system is key for a great theater room.  Mounting and wiring your system is best done in conjunction with your projector and television. Anyone who has tried doing this on their own knows the frustration of sending wires behind the walls or even through the dropped ceiling.  You don’t need the headache. This is something our certified electricians in Columbia do daily, let us take care of it for you.

Sconce Lighting – Lighting can make a huge difference to an entertainment room.  Being able to turn the lights up or down depending on what you are watching or doing can completely change the experience.  In combination with recessed lighting, sconce lighting gives an elegant final touch.  While the kids might not know the lighting makes a difference you will notice it the first time you head into the room.

Make It Smart – If you are creating a room that is designed to attract your kids and their friends, it is a good idea to make the room smart.  Let us show you the options available to you and your smart phone.

Many of our clients have built theater rooms with their kids in mind only to discover that it is more than just a place for the kids, it is a place where the family comes together.  Let us help you create a theater room for the whole family.

If you are looking for “electricians near me” – we’re the answer in Columbia 443.396.3797

Electricians In Columbia Townhomes – Aug 15th

Over the past twenty years hundreds of new townhome communities have popped up in Columbia, Maryland.  Lately, our electricians in Columbia have noticed a trend among the owners of many of these townhomes.  While they love the convenience of townhome living, they are ready to update and renovate their townhome to be more personalized.

The first thing many homeowners are doing is upgrading the lighting.  We are seeing more and more townhome owners replace their single florescent light fixture in the kitchen with a combination of recessed lighting, pendant lighting and under cabinet lighting.

In addition, most homeowners in Columbia are replacing the lighting in their entryway.  Because the outside lights need to meet the standards set by the homeowner’s association, changing the entryway lighting is the first change that really shows a homeowner’s personality.

Because styles have changed so much in the past two decades we are seeing an influx of new chandelier lighting in the dining room and, believe it or not, above soaking tubs in the bathroom.  Both lighting styles lend themselves to personalization.  A homeowner can pick the sort of lighting that says something about them.  We have seen everything from shabby chic to just a little bit zany to completely elegant.  As electricians in Columbia, these are fun jobs because they tell us something about our customers.

Finally, many homeowners who left the basement level unfinished for years, have started creating theater rooms.  With sconce and recessed lighting our certified electricians can help you create a room the whole family will love.  Working together with the homeowner on budget and design we can help you create a room that serves as theater, game room, or just a place for the teenagers to hang out.

At Haas and Sons, we enjoy helping our customers create a lighting scheme that works for them.  We are your “electricians near me” in Columbia Maryland.

Electricians Columbia – July 31st

Kitchen Lighting

If your Columbia, Maryland house was built in the 1990s or before, your kitchen most likely has two lights, one about the stove, attached to a microwave or range hood, and a central light fixture. Generally, this is a fluorescent light in the center of the kitchen. Our master electricians in Columbia Maryland have the experience and caring personal service to bring your kitchen project to life.

Homeowners all over Columbia are finding that not only is the lighting scheme out dated but it is not an effective way of lighting a kitchen. That’s where Haas and Sons Electric comes in.

Working together with the homeowner, Haas and Sons can help you design a lighting scheme tomeet your needs. From task lighting, to island pendants, recessed lighting and under cabinet lightings we can help you change the look of your kitchen without a complete kitchen upgrade.

When creating a lighting design homeowners should consider where shadows will fall when you are working in the kitchen, whether the pendant lights will be in the way when trying to talk to family and friends across your island, and whether under cabinet lighting is the extra touch your kitchen needs.

Our Columbia Maryland electricians have completed hundreds of kitchen lighting schemes and will share their customer experiences with you. Sometimes this is to help you find the most up to date look but often they have insight into designs that worked for customers in the past. And even designs that didn’t work for customers.

Whether you are completely renovating your kitchen or simply looking to update the look without breaking the bank, Haas and Sons Electric is the company for you.

Call today to schedule a design session with one of our master electricians. Be sure to have some examples of the style you are looking for. Using your examples, we can help you create a
whole new look for your Columbia, Maryland kitchen.

Electricians Columbia – July 19th

Haas and Sons Electricians in Columbia MD have spent much of the last week helping homeowners in Columbia, Maryland update their kitchens.  While many kitchen renovations can cost tens of thousands of dollars, homeowners in Columbia are getting smart and creating small updates that make a big difference.

We are seeing two of those updates on a daily basis.  Homeowners are buying energy efficient appliances and they are creating brand new lighting schemes.  Our master electricians in Columbia can install both these easily, timely and neatly, respecting your home and family members.

Many of the homes in Columbia, Maryland still have the one single florescent fixture in the center of the kitchen.  Not only is it not functional, it is outdated and doesn’t make your house feel like a home. That’s where Haas and Sons Electricians in Columbia comes in.

As master electricians our technicians can help you design a kitchen lighting scheme that is not only beautiful but functional as well.  From recessed lighting design to lighting your work areas, to under cabinet lighting that sets a mood, to hanging light fixtures over the island, Haas and Sons can help you create a whole new look for your kitchen.

When you work with our Electricians in Columbia MD, you will notice a difference from the first phone call.  People tell us they can tell we love our jobs because we are as excited about updating the kitchen as the homeowners.  We love to help our customers.  From the very first phone call we begin by listening to what you need and want for your home.

As Electricians in Columbia MD, we create a design that will change your old 90’s style townhome or single family home into an updated modern kitchen that feels like home.  Under cabinet electrical lighting has become popular, affordable and low energy usage.  We have the industry connections to bring you higher quality and more variety, like variable controls to set the mood and fit the need of your kitchen remodel dreams.

We understand that the kitchen is the heart of most people’s homes and we want to create a look that captures your dream.

Call us today for appointment in Columbia MD. 443.396.3797

Electricians Columbia – July 14th

Howard county has a great diversity of homes and we’re proud to have helped with the wide variety of electrical needs as electricians in Columbia Maryland.  Many older homes and businesses have aluminum wiring and that can lead to issues.  Far to often the aluminum issues are not taken care of before there is a major issue.  House fires, hot outlets, breakers tripping and circuits failing are all too common.  We have developed the processes needed to help with aluminum wiring replacement to bring a house up to code and increase safety and dependability.  That’s our work ethic and family values that has allowed out reputation, reviews and company grow so well in Columbia.  No matter what your electrical renovation, remodel, outdoor or indoor lighting, outlets or a money saving attic fan we are ready to exceed your expectations as trusted electricians in Columbia Maryland.

Electricians Columbia – July 8th

Haas and Sons is fast becoming the electrical contractor in Columbia, Maryland to call for safety inspections. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about their home’s wiring until they notice a problem.  Hopefully this is just a dimming of the lights when certain appliances are run.  But, more often than not, it’s something more serious such as a hot outlet, a discolored outlet or smoke which will need electrical repairs in Columbia MD.

Haas and Sons Electric is a family-owned and operated business and we take the family part seriously. Not just for our family but for our customers.  That is why we offer two types of safety inspections for our customers.

But if your home is older than 25 years or has aluminum wiring, we suggest you get our whole house inspection.

During the whole house safety inspection, we check your wiring from top to bottom, including in your attic.  We check each and every outlet inside and out and we make sure your smoke detectors have not expired.

In Columbia, many of the homes built between 1968 and 1973 were wired using aluminum wiring.  Aluminum wiring does not conduct as well as copper.  It expands and contracts as electricity is being used and creates loose connections. These loose connections cause heat within the walls of your home and this can lead to fire.

Fortunately, Haas and Sons Electric is familiar with the special needs of aluminum wiring and can help Columbia homeowners keep their home safe.

Call today to for a safety inspection by a master electrician in Columbia MD.  443.396.3797

Columbia Maryland Electricians – July 1st

Electricians in Columbia get to work with many unique homes and their needs like keeping the house cooler with house and attic fans.  When is comes to lowering your monthly utility bills in the summer a great way is getting in touch with us at Haas and Sons for a home safety inspection on your electrical needs. Many homes are older and the construction techniques of the past are not as efficient as today.  Powerful dependable fans can help to drive heat out of a home and drop the overall temperature.  This allows your air conditioning unit to run less and lower costs.  We have the connections with manufacturers in the electrical industry to bring you choices that are higher quality and as master electricians in Columbia you can rest assured that the installation will be correct

Save Money and increase your comfort with efficient attic fans and ventilation in Columbia MD.

Dealing with the heat of summer in an attic can be an issue for some electricians in Columbia Maryland.  We have the equipment, training, certifications, license and experience to do the job right the first time.  Choosing a trusted electrical contractor is important when it comes to the safety of your family and home.  Many older homes and businesses in Columbia will benefit from an inspection.  Knowing what meets code and what does not is important in your everyday use of the electrical system as well as being informed before a home inspection when selling a home.  We’ve got the experience as Master electricians in Columbia Maryland to be the best choice for your home upgrade.
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Our reviews and reputation shows our strengths as you read other’s kind words and we go a step further to put our words into actions with an Electrician in Columbia MD.  We know it takes Trust to choose your contractors to come into your home and work with your design ideas and bring our industry connections and experience to bring your dreams into a finished home.  Being locally owned and operated we share the importance of doing the job safely, correctly, promptly and politely.  We bring our electrical design plans, special fixtures, industry manufacturer connections and hard work into your home and property to help you see safely, save money with attic fans and create curb appeal and a increase home value with outdoor lighting results.  Our expertise in Electrical Panel upgrades, repair and installation will help you with that renovation, keeping the power on to all your circuits and allowing you to pass your inspection when selling your home.  Give us a call and we’ll show you why we are the Trusted Electrician in Columbia MD.
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“I had a wonderful experience working with Chris and Nick. I am very delighted and pleased with the service they provided. Additionally, the professionalism they displayed was second to none. They provided me with electrical knowledge I was unaware of. They did an outstanding job on my electrical issues. Again, I am a completely satisfied customer and will definitely use Nick and Chris, Haas and Sons again, real soon.” – Lewis

“The overall service was excellent. The price quote for the amount of work that was done was unmatched! I would recommend these guys to anyone for any electrical jobs big or small. Their expertise and knowledge is hard to beat. Thank you guys for the wonderful job you did regarding the recessed lighting installed in my kitchen and living room. I will definitely be calling you again when it’s time to install recessed lighting in the basement!” – Joe M.

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Electricians In Columbia MD – June 24th

Columbia, Maryland has consistently ranked in the top ten best places to live in the United Stated by Money Magazine.  Columbia is one of the fastest growing communities we work with as electrical contractors.
As the more and more people move into the area we have started to see an increase in the number of people updating their homes.  Because the average home age in Columbia is more than thirty years many people need a full circuit panel replacement.  Haas and Sons Electric can help with that.  With years of experience and expertise, we can not only help you replace your system but upgrade it as well.
In addition, in the Columbia community we are seeing more and more homeowners redesigning their lighting to make their homes more up to date.  As Haas and Sons we can help you create the perfect lighting design for your entire home, including your kitchens and baths but also your entertainment/theater rooms as well.
If you are looking for the best in customer service and the best in electrical know-how, look no further, Haas and Sons is the electrical contractor for you.  Our old-fashioned service is second to none.
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Are you remodeling your home and need an electrician you can trust? Does your circuit breaker need repair? Are your lights flickering or outlets sparking? Is your smoke detector chirping or going off in the middle of the night? Schedule your appointment today.

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Free Home Safety Inspection!

Safety first! Receive a free safety home inspection with any regular scheduled call. We will check your GFCI outlets, make sure your smoke detectors are up to date and inspect the main panel for wiring and code errors.