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Chances are when you moved to Severna Park, you moved for the lifestyle it offers. While that means lacrosse games year round, boating all summer long and lazy weekends on the deck, it also means taking pride in your property. That is where Haas and Sons Electric comes in. Whether you are looking for a trusted, honest electrical contractor to make a repair or to help you upgrade your property, you are in the right place. From replacing light fixtures to electrical safety inspections to a full circuit panel upgrade, we are the best in the business to over your needs.


Our customers from Severna Park to Montgomery County and beyond keep coming back because we are dependable, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.

Call us now at: (443) 396-3797 and see why your neighbors rely on us to deliver local electrical services at great value for a fair price in Pasadena MD below.

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Good Job

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

They scheduled for the next day and called me and fixed the issue. Price seemed a bit high for the work that had to be done, but they did the work and were professional about it.

Map of Pasadena, MD

Very competent

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

Fixed our garage light efficiently ! Thank you

Map of Pasadena, MD

Fantastic Work!

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

Nick was very professional and was upfront about the service and cost. Took care of the job in less than half an hour. Would definitely contact this company again if services were required.

Map of Pasadena, MD


Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

Nick was on time, professional and thorough.

Map of Pasadena, MD

prompt service

Review of Haas & Sons Electric Inc.

i like smaller local companies..these guys were prompt and did a great job

Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed customer supplied GFCI in 2nd floor bathroom and outback to prevent from electrical shock when water is present.

Near New Bedford Harbour, Pasadena, MD 21122
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits for tub.

Near Burgess Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Replaced burnt up range plug and cord

Near Garden Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Removed ballasts in 8ft fluorescent lights in office area and install 120volt LED lamps in their place. This avoids pesky se4vice calls due to ballasts burning out. As well as multiple bulb replacements.

Near Beach Dr, Pasadena, MD 21122
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed new customer supplied motion flood light in place of old broken one on front of home.

Near Bayside Dr, Pasadena, MD 21122
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed 6 6 inch recess lights and 6 4 inch recess lights

Near Woodlawn Ave, Pasadena, MD 21122
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed customer supplied sconce lights in dinning room in prewired locations.

Near Trails End Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Installed new led recessed lights in living room of home on a dimmer switch. New lights have ability to change color temperature between warm amberish to a bright daylight color.

Near De Franceaux Way, Pasadena, MD 21122
Nicholas T.

Nicholas T.

Replaced customers bath exhaust fan and installed vanity light and new switches.

Near Sherlock Ct, Pasadena, MD 21122
Michael W.

Michael W.

Local electrician installs ceiling fan

Near Pine Dr, Pasadena, MD 21122
Pasadena, MD - Local electrician installs ceiling fan

At Haas and Sons we take pride in our attention to detail.  That starts with truly listening to our Severna Park customers and helping to meet their needs.  This dedication to proper communication and attention to detail is why our reputation has grown along with our company.  But don’t take our word for it.  Check out our reviews on  YelpHome Advisor, and Facebook.

Keep reading below for some of the projects we worked on in Severna Park…

Electrician In Severna Park – Dec 26th


Dining rooms are often the fanciest, most polished rooms in older homes, while some new houses have omitted these all together, still others are combined with kitchen islands. If you have a new style or design, then talk with a Severna Park electrician today about how you can best update the space. Some kind of central, hanging light fixture seems to be a staple in all dining rooms designs, so why not talk to a technician about choosing one that works best for the space.


Installing a chandelier above the table is quick way to complete change the style of the room. If you’re unsure of what you want, one of our electrical contractors can take your design aesthetic and present you with lights that align with what you’re thinking of. On the other hand, if you already have a piece picked out we can get the installation process started right away. Something else to consider is the addition of smaller, complimentary lights for accenting certain spaces in the room.


Our Severna Park electricians can install lighting in places that might surprise you to work with your remodel plans. Lights used in glass doored cabinets are a great way to add some additional, practical lighting without it being overbearing. Also, lights can be installed by artwork to provide the perfect amount of illumination for the piece, making it easier to appreciate. Once your lighting layout is finalized think about the type of switches you want.


Dimmer switches are great options for a dining room, allowing you to adjust the lighting depending on what occasion you’re using the space for. Lighting used in a dining room can be both pleasing and practical. Consult with a Severna Park electrician today about how you can help transform your dining room. 443.396.3797



Electrician In Severna Park – Dec 19th


The common thread amongst homeowners everywhere is safety, wanting to make sure that their home and family inside is taken care of. Our Severna Park electricians can help make your home safer by installing motion detecting lights. These lights are best installed in low traffic areas, places on the property where you would not expect to have people walking. When a light goes off it works as a signal that something may be wrong and needs your attention. While it is not a flawless security system, it is a great option for those on a budget and looking to take the first steps to safety.  We can help with all your lighting needs in S.P.

The benefits of movement sensing lights goes beyond security. In addition to being used for safety reasons, our Severna Park electricians can tell you that they’re also beneficial for homeowners who move around at night outside of the home, but don’t want to worry about turning lights on and off. They’re also a great option for pet owners. Your dog can safely move around the backyard as she or he pleases without your assistance. You can work with a technician, communicating your goals for the system, so that they can choose the best places to install the fixtures. Talk with a Severna Park electrician today if you’re interested in motion detecting lights or if you have any questions. 443.396.3797

Electrician In Severna Park – Dec 12th


New year, new home. The holiday season is the perfect time to talk with a Severna Park electrician about updating old fixtures or the entire kitchen, in your house. From lights, ceiling fans, outlets and appliances to switches there are plenty of ways that we can lend our services. There’s no better time than the end of the year to start making these updates so that you can give your home some new life coming into the next year. Impress your Holiday guests with your new fixtures, the perfect Lighting and spruced up appliances. Whether you already have the new fixtures ready to be installed or you’re looking for some guidance on what direction to go in, we can help.

When working with electricity the most important thing is safety. Even the smallest of tasks can prove to be difficult if you’re not experienced with the electrical code and in what needs to be done. If you hire one of our Severna Park electricians you can guarantee that the job will be done accurately and efficiently, so that once the install is complete you don’t have to worry. Replacing old fixtures is a quick way to improve the overall design of a space. Over the last decade we have worked in many types of home, so no matter what room or space you’re looking to renovate we’re confident that we can help. Contact a Severna Park electrician today about updating old lighting fixtures or an entire Kitchen.  443.396.3797

Electrician In Severna Park – Dec 5th


Your home’s circuit panel box is the main hub of your house’s electricity, which makes it even more important that you reach out to one of our Severna Park electricians if you notice anything out of the ordinary, lights dimming when you vacuum, blow dry hair or even running the toaster witht he microwave. Anything connected to the electrical system can act as a sign that something is going wrong, whether that be shown through a broken light, outlet or breakers tripping. Another thing to note is that while your system may seem to be working fine, any new appliances that you have added to your home can consume more power, decreasing the efficiency of your electrical circuit, wiring and system.

Our Severna Park electricians know that the holidays are a popular time for heavy ups, because not only are you plugging more things in, like lights and decorations, but some people may be adding new appliances to the mix as well. Between big holiday sales and presents, it’s a popular time for homeowners to add more appliances to their home. With all the activities and gatherings that occur during the holiday season it’s more important than ever to make sure that your system can handle all the electrical activity and is safe to be used. Our experts can perform a complimentary home safety inspection, which will ensure that everything is good to go for the holidays and the months going forward. If you’re interested in updating your electrical panel, or would like a home safety check, then talk with one of our Severna Park electricians today.  443.396.3797

Electrician In Severna Park – Nov 28th


Waterfront homes and businesses need a trusted electrical company in Severna Park.  When it comes to a good electrician you want good service, on time, on budget results and most of all good electrical work.  Perhaps a marina or boat works needs to upgrade their shop’s electrical wiring, outlets, switches or circuits to handle new tools, appliances or lighting, we can help.  Our dependable services can help with lighting a dock, deck, boat house or pier.  If your outlets are having issues and not being able to depend on reliable circuits without “tripping” the breakers getting enough energy to run the services at the boat we can help.  From the main electrical panel to the last outlet, LED bulb, fixture or motion sensor we have been the trusted electrical contractor for Severna Park Maryland.
We’re more than a company, we’re more than dependable service.  We have worked with many homeowners and business owners who are looking for solid trusted advice from the beginning of the electrical project until the end.  You want a smooth construction or remodel project.  With proper forward thinking and our experience we can help save money with planning and design that helps your needs for today and the future, without excessive costs.  We’ve found innovative solutions for indoor and outdoor electrical needs and we can bring that experience to you project.  You want a smooth planning, installation and code inspection along with a great functioning electrical system.  Give our electricians in Severna Park a call to work with you and bring dependable, trusted results for all your electrical needs.

Electrician In Severna Park – Nov 21st


You may not realize it, but your renovation and remodeling is the perfect opportunity to work with a Severna Park electrician to add some value and fun to your home. This often untapped area can be used for a variety of occasions and there’s plenty our technicians can do to bring some life into the space. Something as simple as an outdoor light mounted above the back deck or something as robust as a pergola is a great way to create another interesting space for your home without adding on or doing any major construction. Once the structure is installed we can add lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for the new space. Depending on the type of structure we could install a fan, outlets, lighting or special wiring so that during the hot days of summer you wouldn’t even miss the air conditioning, even outside. Whatever you’re thinking of, our Severna Park electricians have probably wired it up previously. We can install outdoor appliances to bring the kitchen to your backyard and install outlets, as well as switches, for any smaller appliances you may want to use while you’re outside. When working with us you can really transform a space to get the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the outdoors, while still being able to enjoy the same amenities that you would be able to if you were inside. Call a Severna Park electrician today so you can start planning your backyard remodel.  443.396.3797

Electrician In Severna Park – Nov 14th


Installing new lights is a great way to instantly transform a room by making only a minor change. One trend our Severna Park electricians are seeing more frequently is the installation of chandeliers. Whether you choose to place one in the living room or dining room they are a guaranteed attention grabber and an immediate way to elevate the space. Perhaps you are a commercial property or business space looking to make a large first impression.  Since it is just one big fixture you may think it seems easy to install, but because of the weight, height and precariousness of the fitting it is safer to entrust this task to one of our Severna Park electricians.

These hanging lights are also a perfect addition to a high ceilinged entryway. They make good use of the extra overhead room and make an instant impression on visitors as they enter. With so many varieties of chandeliers on the market it can be hard to decide which one will best reflect the design of the room. By consulting with one of our electricians you can team up to decide which one would work best in the designated space. In addition to installing new lighting, we can also replace old fixtures, such as outdated sconces, as another quick way to update the space without investing too much money. From extravagant to simple lighting, if you’re interested, then make an appointment today with one of our Severna Park electricians about installing new lighting.  443.396.3797


Electricians Severna Park – Nov 7th


Although you may not be thinking about electricity or using appliances that run on electricity while enjoying the outdoors, most homes can benefit from the addition of exterior outlets. If you’re thinking about having some installed, then talk with one of our Severna Park electricians today. You may not be using outlets outside as frequently as you do inside, but they are still needed for most modern homes. Exterior outlets are great for any family that uses electrical yard appliances. They are also helpful for anyone that uses their backyard as a workplace and needs to plug in or charge any tools. Our Severna Park electricians can help you decide the best arrangement for outlets based on the size of your backyard and what you’ll be using the outlets for. Exterior outlets are also convenient during the holiday season, giving you easy access to plug in all your home’s outside decorations. When it comes to installation, it may seem easy enough to do it yourself, but besides having to figure out and invest in the proper tools for the job, many things can go wrong. To avoid any mishaps and to save yourself the trouble, contact one of our Severna Park electricians today.  443.396.3797


Electrician Severna Park – Oct 24th


There’s many shows on television about flipping homes, while the houses are magically fixed up and ready to sell by the end of the hour there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. If you’re thinking about flipping a home consider our Severna Park electricians one of your top resources. Renovating a home is a lot of work, so why not trust us to lend our expertise? With more than enough experience of servicing the community and a team of well trained, professional employees ready to help, there’s no group better for the job. If you’re looking for an electrician in Severna Park, then we’re the clear choice.

We have experience in a variety of areas, so whatever you’re looking to have done, don’t hesitate to ask. We can replace old fixtures, perform heavy ups, or install new lighting. These home exams inspect all the important items regarding your electrical system- GFCI outlets, smoke detectors, and electrical panels. By double checking that everything is running smoothly you can proceed with any of your renovation ideas, without the fear of an electrical issue hanging over your head. So, if you’re looking to flip a house in the Anne Arundel county area, we’re the Severna Park electricians for the job.


Electrician Severna Park – Oct 10th


Making the choice to go green is a no brainer, but figuring out what to do next can be difficult. To make things easier, work with one of our skilled Severna Park electricians. Together, you two can go over what options are best for you and your business. Not only do eco friendly changes help the environment, but they’re also beneficial on an economical level as well. Many options are more energy efficient and in the long run can lower your energy bills. It’s a win-win. One green change that we’ve performed for many business is LED retrofitting.

Our Severna Park electricians can easily switch your building to LED, allowing you to keep your existing fixtures and wiring, while still making an environmentally conscious change. Retrofittings can be a labor intensive task and whenever electricity is involved there is a level of danger. That is why we recommend you leave this job up to one our skilled electricians. After over twelve years of service, we have worked with many businesses in the Anne Arundel County area. Deciding on more eco friendly choices for your company should be an easy decision, and it can be, when you call one of our Severna Park electricians.

Electrician Severna Park – Sep 12th


Any remodeling job, whether your bathroom or kitchen, is going to be a lot of work, which is why you want to work with the people who are the best at their profession. When it comes to deciding which companies you want to work with our Severna Park electricians have you covered in the electrical department. One thing everyone knows is that water and electricity do not mix. This is why for kitchens and bathrooms we highly recommend hiring one of our experienced Severna Park electricians to handle any electrical tasks you may have. You come to us with all your visions for the room and we handle all the installation and wiring, providing our own professional insight on what may be best for the space.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling there are many directions you can go in terms of what we can do. Updating lighting fixtures or adding new lights is a quick way to brighten a space and add new life. You can also add more outlets for all your bathroom appliances. One addition we suggest homeowners think about is a GFCI outlet. This safety outlet is a way to protect you and your family against shocks. When the time comes for your bathroom remodel make the first item on your to do list a call to a Haas & Sons Severna Park electrician.

Electrician Severna Park – Sep 12th

Fall came quicker than ever this year and it brought cooler temperatures and sweeter breezes with it.  Severna Park, Maryland homeowners are taking advantage of the lower temperatures to turn off their air conditioners and open their windows.  Haas and Sons Electricians in Severna Park are helping customers do just that.

This week our certified electricians have been installing ceiling fans in bedrooms, living rooms and even three-season rooms and porches all over Severna Park.  From Shipley’s Choice to Chartwell to Linstead and Round Bay, we are helping our customers stay cool throughout the day.

Ceiling fans are a great way to encourage a breeze throughout your home during the spring and fall but they are even more important during the summer and winter months.

Using a ceiling fan in the winter to pull the warm air up will keep your bedrooms nice and toasty without causing them to become stuffy.  Adding a humidifier in a room can create an even more comfortable atmosphere for bedrooms throughout the winter months.


In the summer months using a ceiling fan can help you feel cooler than the thermostat suggests.  While you may set you thermostat to 75 in the summer and feel stifling hot without a fan, adding one can make the room feel cooler by 2 degrees or more.  Our experienced Severna Park electricians can help with any of your questions.

In conjunction with an attic fan and a whole house fan, you may even be able to avoid turning on your air conditioner an entire month earlier and turning it off sooner in August.  Our certified electrician in Severna Park can give you more information on the advantages of adding ceiling fans, attic fans and whole house fans to your home. However, keep in mind that a fan system is not for everyone. Families who struggle with seasonal allergies may want to consider other options for cooling their house year-round.

Call our Severna Park Electrician today to learn whether there is a system that is right for you and how our technician can help you design a fan system that works for you and your family.  443.396.3797


Electricians Severna Park – Aug 28th

Severna Park, Maryland is lucky to have some of the best breezes this side of the Bay Bridge.  Whether your breeze is coming from the Magothy or the Severn, chances are you have already begun to open your windows overnight and leave them open longer each day.  Our Severna Park Electricians are!

Unfortunately, this is still Maryland and that means most families will be running the air-conditioning well into September or October.  What if we told you our certified electricians can offer you a better way?

At Haas and Sons Electric we have spent a good portion of our summer installing attic and whole house fans throughout Severna Park.  An attic fan blows the heat out of the attic while a whole house fan, used in conjunction with open windows and doors helps homeowners take advantage of the air flow to cool their homes without the air conditioner. The constantly circulating air in conjunction with the attic fan can make a different of up to 10 degrees on your second floor.

This breeze affect allows homeowners to turn off their air conditioner earlier in the fall and avoid turning them on until later in the summer.  The energy savings alone makes it worth the investment.

In addition,  our customers report that the breeze helps them sleep better and stay more comfortable throughout the season.  Customers tell us it takes them back to childhood to have the windows open more often so they can hear the sounds of their children playing in the yard.

Call us today to see if a combination attic fan and full house fan is right for you. While we love this combination we know that not every home is designed with this sort of flow available.  We will never suggest something to you that doesn’t truly fit the bill.

While whole house fans have kept us busy this summer we have found plenty of time to continue adding deck and dock lighting to Severna Park homes.  Proper outdoor lighting is a great way to extend the season.  We find many of our customers are using the deck lighting to extend their living space as well.

Whether you are adding motion detecting security lighting to deter burglars or you are trying to change the aesthetic of your waterfront property, our certified Severna Park electricians can help you design an outdoor lighting scheme that works for you.  Call us today to learn how we can help you create an outdoor living space that works for you and your family if you are looking for an “Electrician near me.”  443-396-3797

Electrician Severna Park Aug 15th,  Outdoor Lighting & Outlets

Have you noticed it?  It’s getting darker just a little earlier every night.  But our Severna Park customers aren’t letting the dark stop them from enjoying their backyards later into the evening.  This week in Severna Park our electricians have been installing outdoor lighting for many of our customers.

Severna Park customers have come to think of Haas and Sons Electric as their neighborhood electricians.  Because we are a small family owned business, we know many of our customers as neighbors.  We believe that it is our small town, old fashioned service that has our customers not only coming back to us again and again but recommending us to their friends and family.

When we are called out to help our neighbors we listen to their needs and help suggest the right lighting for their needs.  It is important that we understand what our customers are trying to create with their lighting choices.  Are they looking to make their yard more attractive for potential buyers? Do they want to extend their living space to an outdoor area of their home? Or are they more interested in keeping their property and family safe with security lighting?

Our Electricians in Severna Park have recently installed lighting has included entryway and post lighting in the front and back yards but also accent lighting around flower bed, decks, patios and along docks.  Outdoor electric outlets and lighting can change your patio into an extension of your home, creating a comfortable place for you and your family and guests to spend your summer and fall evenings.

In addition, to adding aesthetically pleasing lights to their yards, homeowners are beginning to add security lighting.  As there have been several break-ins to homes and automobiles in the Severna Park area, homeowners are using lighting to create a safer environment surrounding their homes.

If you have questions about how lighting can help keep your home secure, call the “electricians near me” today in Severna Park.


Electricians In Severna Park – July 31st

Creating a Mood With Lighting in Severna Park

New homeowners in Severna Park have found an inexpensive way to bring their own personalities into their new homes without breaking the bank. New lighting can help change the tone of a home. By picking a style that meets your personality and keeping it consistent throughout you can create a whole new look for your home and in most cases, will not have to clear it with the homeowners’ association.


One of the best places to start with a new lighting scheme is from the outside in. Consider your curb appeal. Changing your post lighting, adding lights along the sidewalk leading up to the house and changing your door lights can create a mood for the rest of your home. Are you more modern, more traditional, or even a little quirky? Show it with your lighting choices.


Take this same theme into your home foyer or hall lighting both upstairs and down. It’s important that the inside lights match or at the very least flow with your outdoor lighting theme. Our industry connections allows our Severna Park electricians to bring you a wide variety of choices and trusted installation results.


After your entryway, what will your guests see next, is it a dining room, your kitchen or your family room? Although these each have separate needs, as you move into the house you can loosen your hold on theme and create a new look for each room. With open floor plans it may be helpful to sit with one of our electricians to create a lighting design you can build on. As with anything in your home, you will want to create something that is unique to you. Something that changes a house into a home.


Our trained technicians work with homeowners on a daily basis and can help you to create the look that is right for you.

To schedule a visit, call us today. Our trusted Severna Park Electricians would be happy to work with you.

Electricians In Severna Park – July 19th

Haas and Sons Electric is the go to electrician in Severna Park, Maryland for deck and pier lighting.  Because we have worked with so many homeowners in the area for this service we understand that a homeowner is looking for more than aesthetics when creating a lighting design for their dock and pier.

Because all homeowners want their dock lighting to be tasteful and beautiful, Haas and Sons works with homeowners from the design phase.  As master electricians Haas and Sons can help you to create a look that represents your style.

But, lighting on your deck and pier are about more than that.  Deck and dock lighting puts light on the subject. helping you to dock when you come in after the sun comes down but also helping your family and guests make it off the dock safely by lighting the way.

Haas and Sons can help you create a functional lighting system.  Creating more lighting in an area where you will need to work before heading in for the evening and the perfect amount of lighting to guide your family and guests off the deck safely.

In addition, our electricians in Severna Park can add lights that keep your boat and property safe once you are back in your home.  While some may be tempted to over light the area, Haas and Sons Electric is aware of the importance of keeping your neighbors happy.  We will keep your neighbors in mind when creating a lighting design for your deck and dock by avoiding taller lights that might shine into their homes at night.

Just as importantly we understand the importance of keeping your family safe during the day when your children are jumping from your dock, swimming in the Magothy or Severn Rivers.  Unfortunately, a poorly wired dock can lead to tragedy.  So, while we believe aesthetics are important, we believe the most important thing we do is to keep your family safe. As Severna Park electricians with family values, we take our time creating the safest environment possible for you and your children.

Call Haas and Sons today, the electricians near me in Severna Park MD.

Electricians In Severna Park – July 14th

Bathroom Renovations can transform a living space and increase home values and we can help as your trusted electricians in Severna Park Maryland.  Any home renovation is a great way to increase a home value as well as make it easier to sell with less time on the market.  We enjoy bringing our decades of combined experience and industry connections to work with your design ideas to bring your dream bathroom into a reality.  Being involved with the electrical industry manufacturers and distributors we get to experience new and innovative electrical components.  Often the newest design, outlets, bathroom fans and lighting can make the bathroom safer as the improved lighting will make things easiest to see and avoid dangerous conditions.  Kitchens and bathrooms have the combination of water and electricity so it is important to call a licensed, insured and experienced electrician in Severna Park to know the proper installation and codes to keep you safe.  We stand behind every single service we provide with family values including.  Give us a call or schedule on-line.  We look forward to bringing you bathroom renovation dreams to life in Severna Park Maryland.

Electricians In Severna Park – July 7th

Severna park has been whole house fans and recess lighting. While house fans get mounted in the hallway and suck air through your open windows/ doors. Great alternative to using the AC on cooler days/ nights

Electricians in Severna Park, Maryland and residents are blessed with water breezes.  While these breezes are not guaranteed to keep us cool all day long, they can work for most residents on summer nights.  With the addition of a whole house fan, strategically placed ceiling fans and open windows, Severna Park residents are finding it possible to turn off their air conditioning units at night.

Whole house fans are a great way to reduce your electric bill and help your family sleep comfortably at the same time.  Working in conjunction with open windows and ceiling fans the whole house fan sucks cool air through open windows and doors and blows the hot air out of your home.

According to Chris Haas, owner of Haas and Sons Electric, whole house fans are becoming a popular energy saving solution for Severna Park homeowners.

Another popular addition to Severna Park homes is recessed lighting.  Because many homes in Severna Park are older, residents are constantly looking to make upgrades that increase their home value without costing an arm and a leg.  Updating a home’s lighting can drastically update the look of a home. Certified electricians in Severna Park, Haas and Sons can not only install the lighting for you they can help you design a lighting scheme that looks beautiful and is functional for your kitchen and bathroom needs.  Adding recessed lighting and updating light fixtures in halls and entryways is a great way to personalize the look of your home.

Electricians In Severna Park MD  – July 1st

Severna Park is known for its beautiful homes with waterfront and waterview living.  At Haas and Sons Electric we love to help our customers inside and outside their homes.  Whether you are trying to upgrade the circuit panel in your home, add attic fans to reduce your electric bill or safely add lighting to your dock, we have the experience and expertise as electricians in Severna Park Maryland that you can count on.

When Chris Haas started Haas and Sons Electric he had a vision of going back to the old-fashioned values of electrical service contractors of his grandfather’s time.  From making sure each technician wears shoe covers when entering your home, to listening to your needs and helping you decide what service is best for you, to the completion of the job and clean-up of the service area, service is our first focus.

At Haas and Sons, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first.  From simple light fixture updates to lighting design and installation to a complete circuit panel design and replacement Haas and Sons can take care of your electrical upgrades in Severna Park.

Call today to learn why more people are turning to the old-fashioned service that Haas and Sons Electric provides. 443.396.3797

See What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Service.

Couldn’t be happier with the 2 attic fans we had installed. Nick did a fabulous job. He had to run back to the warehouse to exchange the black fans for brown ones and he even offered to pick up a coffee for me. Our second floor is finally cool, and the kids don’t complain about sleeping in the heat. – Severna Park Customer

Haas & Sons were very efficient, asked if anything else needed work, I asked them to upgrade an outlet and they didn’t hesitate to do the work. They were very polite and cleaned up everything after they were finished. I’m very happy with Haas & Sons and if I need more electrical work I will call them. – Lisa P.

See more of our Haas and Sons, Electrician in Severna Park reviews across the internet and social media.

Electricians Severna Park – June 24th

As Electricians in Severna Park we get to meet so many interesting people and see some of the most beautiful homes Maryland has to offer.

Waterfront homes have unique needs.  As local electrical  we are familiar and experienced with the solutions to bring you the detailed results that fit your needs.  Sometimes updates and remodeling can be simplified to save money and sometimes the need is a larger more impressive remodel project to revitalize the living space.  We are open minded and ready to listen to all your designs and ideas.  Our connection with the electrical industry leaders allows us to find the right fit for your plans, whether they are simple or complex we can help you as we have so many in the past.  When you are adding a shed, garage or other outdoor workspace we are ready to work to your plans as the best electricians in Severna Park, MD.

You may have an indoor project to brighten up your kitchen, living room, den or remodel and as your electricians in Severna Park we are ready to exceed your expectations.  Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling projects are popular and help to enhance a home’s resale value as well as making it easier to sell with updated style.  Functionality of a bathroom or kitchen is also important as you may be looking for a fan, light, special outlet or recently popular under cabinet lighting in the kitchen.  Bringing more light to the kitchen is not only eye catching but it also serves an important function in bringing another level of confidence and safety when working with sharp utensils and hot pots, pans and dishes.  No matter your plans to bring style and function you your home we are ready to help with exemplary results as your go to electricians in Severna Park, Maryland.

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Are you remodeling your home and need an electrician you can trust? Does your circuit breaker need repair? Are your lights flickering or outlets sparking? Is your smoke detector chirping or going off in the middle of the night? Schedule your appointment today.

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Free Home Safety Inspection!

Safety first! Receive a free safety home inspection with any regular scheduled call. We will check your GFCI outlets, make sure your smoke detectors are up to date and inspect the main panel for wiring and code errors.